State Mapping for Dashboard

I am newb. I just found out about SharpTools today.

I am using SmartThings and I want to display on my dashboard a green icon if the door is close, and a red icon if the door is open. I saw there is “Style / Icon State Mapping for Custom Attributes”, but I cannot figure out where I can even start to configure this feature. I am hoping I can do this in a Super Tile.

Thank you in advance for your help.

After you add a tile to a dashboard, edit that tile instance, check the box to edit Style and tap the Style button.

If it’s just the icon for a door open/close sensor, you should be able to add the device directly to your dashboard and follow the steps above.

That was easy! Thank you. Can this be done in a Super Tile?

It can, but keep in mind that the style is applied to the whole tile.

If that covers your need, great! If not, there’s a feature request open to be able to individually style items in a Super Tile if you want to cast a vote and perhaps reply with a comment describing your use-case: