ST Rule cut/paste & Variable rename

  1. Is it possible to CUT/PASTE commands within a RULE (or across RULES)?
    For example:
    a) I have an existing RULE, but I want to insert an IF/THEN/ELSE command and insert some of the following commands into the THEN or ELSE branches. I’d like to be able to cut the commands from below, and then paste them into the THEN or ELSE branch, rather than having to recreate all those commands in the THEN or ELSE branches and then deleting them from after the IF/THEN/ELSE.
    b) I want to copy a set of commands from one RULE to another RULE. While I realize I can COPY an existing RULE and then modify the copy, that can turn out to be a lot more work than a simple COPY/PASTE.

  2. Is it possible to rename ST VARIABLES? I can easily rename SWITCHES (SmartThings devices), without affecting RULES but AFAIK the VARIABLES in ST required to be deleted/re-created in order to be “renamed.” The implications with that, I believe, is that existing RULES that use the ST VARIABLES would not know about a delete/re-create. Would be helpful if there was a way to rename the ST VARIABLE and not have to go through all existing RULES to touch up.

Thanks for any help…

No. Feel free to check if there’s an existing feature request or create one if not. The closest I could find is the following: Feature Request: Ability to Copy/Duplicate IF Conditions

Variables are uniquely identified by their variableId. As you noted, you can delete and recreate a variable with a new name. But the rules themselves are referring to the variable by it’s unique ID, so if you are ‘renaming’ the variable but keeping its existing purpose, you would have to update your rules accordingly.