Spotify Custom Tile

Hi, I did all the procedure but I get an error message: “Spotify refresh token is not set”
Of course I have copied and pasted the refresh token provided with the procedure. Any idea of what is wrong? Thanks

Where did you enter the refresh token? You should not modify it within the developer tools… only on the instance of the tile you’ve actually added to your dashboard.

I have put the refresh token when asked after the preview and than I choose the speaker and the playlist and save that. The preview is playing perfectly (the chosen music starts as well!) but when I go to the dashboard and add the custom frame created I get the error. What am I doing wrong?

You have to edit the tile that gets added to the dashboard and add the Refresh Token there.

Thank you Josh, I missed that last part! I will test it in the next coming days but I think it’s working now

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Any update on displaying the tracks in a specific playlist instead of a bunch of playlists?

Hi James, thanks for creating this. This is awesome!

I had this installed last night and it was working wonderfully but today when I tried using it again, the token expired, so I went to get it authorized for a new refresh token. The demo loaded up fine but I cannot select any of my Amazon Echoes, even though they all show up. I get the message “No active device. Please select an available device first.”

One thing I’ve found out is that if I have pre-selected the device on my Spotify app on my PC, I can use the controls in the tile but still get the same device error message as above.

I think you’re running into the limitation of the Spotify API as noted further up in the thread. It’s really neuters the functionality of their Web API compared to their ‘app’ SDKs. :frowning:

Thank you for the reply, Josh.

I have reverted to testing out your other music player with album art with your latest update.



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Is there a way to enable the Lyrics in this music player as a tile? TIA.

I don’t believe they make the lyrics available through their API. From a quick search, it looks like even Spotify is sourcing the lyrics from a third party.

Thank you very much for the information

I made some modifications to the provided code in order to have the album art cover the entire tile:

  • Album art covers entire tile ( applied darkened filter and slight blur to improve lists readability) when playing song / device is selected.

  • When not playing / device is not selected elements stay transparent, song & artist section becomes hidden.

  • Moved the song & tittle to the left

  • Centered control buttons

  • Applied transparency to elements background ( artist/song, player controls / lists )

  • Works great in smaller tiles (3*3) or mega tile.

If someone is interested in the code PM me.

When nothing is played or no device is selected the tile stays transparent ( as there is no album cover to display ) this way it blends with your dashboard background, also the section where artist and song is becomes hidden.

Example in use with mega tile (really depends on how many tile number your dashboard is setup) I just left the first column to go back to main dashboard and the rest is used by the spotify tile.


Hi @James. I´m new in Sharptools. This Link dont work for me. Can you help me?

What doesn’t work? Maybe a screenshot of what you are seeing would help?

Hi, The browser can´t find the Site.

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Have you tried on a different device on a different network? For example, on your mobile phone while disconnected from Wifi.

I just tried from my phone and it worked for me.

@josh Thank you. I tried it different times and now it worked. it´s possible that the Tile don´t show me my Sonos?

Nice layout, interested in the code

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