Sports score display

I’m very novice/beginner. Does anybody have easy way to display Oakland A’s daily scores on tile. I’ve tried figuring it out with very little luck.


I remember @Dev_SS was looking at creating a game score custom tile, so I am tagging him if he got anything to share.

Meanwhile, feel free to post a Feature Request, so others who are interested as well can vote on it.

Here’s a link to another discussion on a similar topic:

One of the other discussed was using an RSS Feed to display scores or embedding another sports site using the Custom Tile feature.

Thank you James!

I did indeed. I used json and the ESPN backend APIs to have a ticker at the bottom (and sharptools on the main section) as an iframe. I have not used the Custom Tiles feature for this, but probably will. You can look up the backend and APIs for MLB through here:

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