Sonos Speaker suddenly playing sound file twice sometimes

This started, I guess weeks ago. My Sonos speaker occasionally plays a sound file twice now. Anyone know if there was a change that might be causing me issues? It’s weird because it doesn’t do it all the time, makes it harder to hammer down the issue.

What do your rule logs say? And is this a timer based rule? If it’s a timer triggered execution, there was a bug introduced in the last week (which was resolved this morning) that could cause timers to double executed if a rule with a timer had been edited.

I hadn’t seen those logs before… good deal. It has been happening more than a week though, so I doubt whatever was fixed addressed my issue. The event is triggered by a Smartthings routine that runs at certain times a day, I don’t use a timer. I’ll keep an eye on the logs. Thanks.

I’m guessing you guys did a feature update not too long ago that added “On transition only” but after the change it looks like my if conditions were changed to “updates and is” instead of just “changes to”. Once I enabled transitions only, it stopped trying to play the sound file twice.

On Transition Only was added in August:

Note that this did not change how any existing triggers are evaluated. We improved some of the language to help clarify the difference between what the triggers are actually doing, but there was no functional change for existing rules.

That being said, if your driver changed or the behavior of your device changed and it started emitting multiple events where it previously only emitted one, of course that would have a functional impact on your rule’s execution. And it’s one of the use-cases covered by the ‘On Transition Only’ option. :slight_smile:

Well I know Sonos made changes too, so I guess that was it.