Sonos Notifications

Hello, I am having issues with playing an audio track, MP3, to my Sonos via Sharptools. I have the file stored in my DropBox account with, I think, sharing on. For some reason, I cannot get my Sonos to “PlayTrack” when using the link to the file from DropBox.

I am not sure at this point what I am doing wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

@Ridyn_2007, have you made the file public accessible and using the right URL? You can find the detailed example in the post below or post your file URL so we can help test.

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@James, this was the missing link. The host name was the issue. It is working perfectly now.

My wife operates a home daycare, and we have a new baby. We tend to over sleep our alarm at least once a month. I have a number of motion sensors around my house. We need to be to work by 7;30am.

If our variable $DaycareIsOpen is set to “True”, and time is 6:45am and no motion has been detected on any of the motions sensors in the last 15 minutes, turn on the bedroom lights and play an alarm on our bedroom Sonos.

I have all figured out accept Sonos “PlayTrack” until now that is. THANK MUCH!!

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