SMS notifications not working

All of my SMS notifications have stopped working. Specifically, I have two that failed this morning, Large Garage Door open and Large Garage Door closed. I also created a new rule to text on changing to open and it failed also.

Hi @Scunny, sorry to hear that SMS isn’t working for you. Unfortunately, the SMS service provider we use is having a cross-platform service outage at this moment, and we are paying a close attention to their investigation and status updates now, and thank you for reporting the issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience :frowning:, and will keep you updated.

Thanks, after posting I thought about possibility of being blocked for spamming. I’m doing some testing with an outdoor Hue motion and at generating several texts.

It can be definitely a possibility. If the same/similar messages are sent to a number frequently in a short time, it can be temporary blocked by your cell service carrier. So you may want to use other notification services such as email, PushBullet or Pushover for this type of testing.

@Scunny, this SMS issue has been resolved and my SMS rules are working again now. Please go ahead to try it again and let me know if still not working. Thank you.

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They seem to be working here also. Thanks!

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