Smartthings->SharpTools->Tasker automation

Hello forum!

I was unable to find a solution to seemingly simple automation I would like to achieve.

I have integrated the SharpTools plugin within Tasker and it is operating as it should. What I would like to accomplish is set a smartthings’ device as a trigger to execute a task within tasker:

For example I have a smartthings (aeotec) button that upon pressing, I would like Tasker to execute a task that I already have set-up. Is that possible and what function/parameters I need to set-up in Tasker? If the smarrtings button is not an option, a lightbulb (when turned on for example) is also acceptable…just the trigger condition is unclear for me.

Highly appreciated your feedback and experience on the matter! :slight_smile:

Hi @Empire_Home thanks for posting!

Yes, you can use the SharpTools Event: Thing State Tasker plugin to trigger a Tasker action based on an event in SmartThings.

Note: Android has gotten more and more aggressive at battery management which can cause events to be delayed on normal day-to-day use phone when the phone goes to sleep. For something like a tablet/phone that’s solely dedicated to Tasker use, you can work around it by disabling much of the battery management / doze / sleep functions. For a normal phone, see below.

Because of the above battery management concerns, I tend to recommend either:

  • Use a rule in to send a Pushbullet / Pushover message to your phone whenever the SmartThings event occurs
    • These apps have lots of tricks up their sleeve to make message delivery much more reliable / speedy
  • Run the rule completely within Rule Engine (where possible).
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Hi Josh,

I am quite new into the world of automation and despite knowing a thing or two, often I find myself lost, when things get a bit complex and I am ready to give up on trying, when the info is scarce…

Your reply was on point, clear and helped me a ton, “adding” a non-native device to the smartthings ecosystem via Tasker, that was bugging me for months…!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, sir! This along with many of your other posts, have helped me immensely in the pursue of higher care-free world of connected devices. My admiration and respect to you! Wish you all the best in the new year!


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