Slow Fire tablet

Now I know that my old Gen 3 Fire tablet is a little old, but it’s SUPER slow with SharpTools, seems ok with most other websites.

I am using Fully Kiosk Browser

With that being said, not sure if there is anything I can do to speed up the response of the site.

OR, I’m going to assume I will need to pick up a new Kindle or something.

Any recommendations? Something cheep.

I hope this post it ok btw.
thanks again.

Hi @Eaton_Blumenstein, I don’t have the Gen 3 Fire tablet, so I am not able to test it. However, I have 7 gen 10" and 8" Fire tablets running 24/7 no issue, and I prefer the 10" one because it does have slightly better performance. Since gen 3 is pretty old and not even supported by Amazon at this point, I’d suggest a new 10" Fire as it is still probably the most cost-efficient tablet for dashboard.

And I never tried this but am wondering if anyone has tried, and if it can be a good option for a counter top or table top dashboard. :yum:

Thanks for posting, @Eaton_Blumenstein! I think it’s great for people to share the experiences with what devices worked well (and those that didn’t)!

Is this the 7" device from circa 2013? If so, I can understand the sluggishness and there’s probably not much you can do to speed up the existing device.

If you like the Fire Tablets, the newer larger devices are much more performant and are a very popular device to be used with The rule of thumb with Fire tablets is the larger Fire tablets tend to be more performant than the smaller devices. The larger Fire tablets tend to have better specs.

You can find more suggestions in the following thread:

fun fact, I found a good deal on one and ordered it today. If I remember, I will post back and tell you what I think, I saw it at Best Buy, and it looked SUPER cool, but I hear that the integration of the Alexa and the tablet is not the best… but thats fine… I will have Sharp Tools on it, and still be able to just scream at it!
I’ll keep ya posted

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I bought a 7th gen 10" from Amazon as factory refurbished for $85, and then they shipped me two. When I called to tell them of the mistake, they told me to keep it. So I have two wall panels now. YES!

I wish there was a better interface for the Fire tablets. I forget which browser I am using, @josh recommended it and it just works fairly well. I am not near it to lookup up the app. it may by Fully Kiosk Browser as he recommended. just be sure to play with the settings to get the interface feeling just right. I also created a folder, and moved all the stuff I cannot delete, and don’t want to see to that folder, so I only have the apps I want shown.


James - I have the older version of this Lenovo tablet and its performance is underwhelming. I think the newer Fire 10’s are much faster. I do like the charging dock idea. I have been searching for a good solution for a table top display for the family room coffee table.


Thanks for sharing, Greg! That Lenovo M10 with the built-in dock looks like a really neat option for someone who wants a tablet on the counter… it’s a bit disappointing to hear that the performance is lacking (on the previous generation), so I guess the search continues!


I picked up the lower end one for about $100. It’s not a bad unit, it is a bit slow, but not horrible. But when docked, it wants to become Alexa and covers over any other thing you are doing. Also, when you take if off the dock, the Dock does not do any Alexa stuff, its just a BT Speaker and nothing else.

For the $100, the tablet is nice, but I Think you can get a good tablet for $50 that is just as powerful, as for Alexa, its nice… just a note, it’s a nutered Alexa just like anything else that is not a Amazon Dot or Show, you cant change the key word, but this one you can set the room…

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Are you referring to the Lenovo M10? Or one of the Amazon Fire Tablets?

the Lenovo tablet with the Alexa dock.

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Nice! Thanks for the clarification. @Greg_Cole mentioned that he was using an older Lenovo tab, so that’s good to hear that the newer units are better! (Not bad, but not amazing. :stuck_out_tongue:)

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