Showing off dashboard and a volume question

Hi everyone! New here and been fiddling with an old Huawei T10 tablet I had lying around.
I got to a nice lay-out and been liking the system, although I bump into my lack of knowledge sometimes. Planning on buying Sharptools and Fully kiosk once the trials run out.

The thing I’m bumping in the most at the moment is 2 things:

  1. I’m thinking of getting a bluetooth or wifi speaker for my radio app, but we’re not that much of audiophiles to burst out 200 Euros for a Sonos or Bose. But I would love to control the volume on the dashboard. Is there a way to control the actual tablet’s volume? Google Assistant can do it, but that’s not working with Sharptools.

  2. My garage door opener, Twine Labs, shows the status correctly, untill the doors are used through other means than Sharptools. It wasn’t reliable in Smartthings either. In the native app it shows correctly though. Why is ST missing the updates?

Hope to find some more device handlers or ways to get more things working. I have FGlair aircons and Eurom heaters. For now I just have hyperlinks to the apps. Would be great to actual be able to control them.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Looks like you’ve made some great progress and put together a great looking dashboard so far!

I assume the physical buttons on the tablet aren’t easily accessible and you are hoping for ‘soft’ buttons (eg. tiles on the dashboard) to control the tablet’s volume?

@Ben_Iffland was interested in the same thing and was looking at building a Custom Tile for it. Not sure what the result of that was?

SharpTools depends on SmartThings getting the status updates. So if SmartThings isn’t getting reliable status updates, then SharpTools won’t either. Is Twine Labs an official SmartThings integration or a community supported one?

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I already tried the Kiosk controller, it lets me set a volume, but I think that’s the chime/alarm volume. It doesn’t seem to control the device volume. Or is there a Kiosk setting that links the controls? I set a rule to make the volume 50, it doed that. Smartthings on my phone and Sharptools show the volume as 50. Device volume, including media volume, doesn’t change.

Guess things are getting a bit complicated for me at this point. Don’t feel comfortable going further than these 2 apps, which already bring great functionality. Might be able to get it going with more apps, but should try to understand these more first :smile:

Here’s a pic of the current install!

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I added a rule which refreshes all my gates every 5 minutes and at the end triggers a virtual switch, which is set to trigger the rule. So it’s a loop.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t do this? :rofl: And would there be issues if I up the refresh rate?

Is it a community developed integration or one that’s natively built into the SmartThings app?

It’s native to Smartthings app. Twine Labs garage door opener with sensor.

Have you reached out to Twine Labs about it? If they manage the integration, they should be able to update it to properly report event updates even when the device is controlled from outside the SmartThings ecosystem.

Yeah so what I did was add a custom tile to my existing vertical navigation custom tile. The custome volume tile is hidden off to the right of the page until you swipe left. Then it slides out the vertical volume control. Swiping right then hides it. So it slides over the top of my vertical navigation. On holiday atm so cant send screen shots easily. Will try to remember when i am back.

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I e-mailed them a while back with another question regarding their system and never got a reply.

But how did you get the kiosk volume linked to your device?

On mine, I can set “a” volume, but I don’t have a clue what it does. Nothing changes on the device.

I tried the speech test as I saw in another topic and I can make it say things. I guess the volume is used for that, not the device itself.

Not sure if this is what you are meaning but I use the fully kiosk javascript api for the volume.

Will see if I can get that working. I don’t have any experience with javascript, a bit of a steep learning curve to start with these things.

Either way, thank you for the info!

Okay, I’m really a bit of an idiot.
I read about the REST Api, there are numbers for which volume fully kiosk needs to change, but I’m missing where I need to put that.

If you don’t mind, could you dumb down to baby level how to do it? :sweat_smile: The only thing I ever did near scripting was Visual Basic in high school, about 15 years ago. Might get started with all this once I understand where and how to put this stuff in.

This is what I have for muting the volume.

if (typeof fully !== “undefined”)
fully.setAudioVolume(0, 3);

So the zero is the volume level.

You need to add a javascript reference to the fully library I think or it may be part of sharptools. Cant remember.

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Yeah looks like you dont need the reference.

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3 is the type of volume you want to control. Might need to play with that. 3 worked on my Fire HD 10.

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I still don’t understand how and where to do the Java business and I don’t understand it to make edits to it.

But, I did make a hyperlink tile with a link that sets the volume through remote admin. So that’s a step forward!
The next issue is, and I’ll probably be better off knowing Java for that, it opens the fully Kiosk admin page. Now I need to find a way to immediately close it again or to make it run in the background…