Show off your Super Tiles!

Here is a current weather banner. I have a massive 3 x 6 weather tile I’m working on. Both have wallpaper that changes based on the current weather conditions.


Hi my friend, its really cool ! do you change the wallpaper based on the weather ?
Thanks !

@Carlos_Juarez it’s a icon variable and it’s the first image on a supertile so it acts as a background. Then depending on the variable value it displays the corresponding image. Also depending on the image you use you will need to use a custom css to expand the image to fit.

I also have a rule that sets a variable if it’s night or day. Example.

If current time > current sunrise and < current sunset the IsItNight = false.

If current time is > current sunset and < tomorrow sunrise then IsItNight = true.

This variable is then used to prepend the conditions variable to add Night to the condition to use the appropriate icons / BG image.

Custom Css to make the image to fit.(note you need to change the name of the theme to fit yours and the BG image must be the first thing added to the Supertile for the css to work.)

/*Banner Weather */
.--theme-style-current-weather-banner.super-tile  .item:nth-child(1) img {object-fit: cover;!important;

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Very creative my friend !!.. Thanks for the idea, I will play with it this weekend…Thanks again !

Here is a look at a rough version of my 3 x 6 weather Supertile.


I am quite happy with this one so far :slight_smile:

The icons and colors change depending on the device status.


Simple and clear. Me likey!!

@just_jake Thanks for the ideas re: the weather super tile! I created this today, which is basically a remake of the stock SharpTools weather tile (2x2) but with a variable background rather than fixed. I found square images that allowed me to avoid any CSS. Using separate variables for the weather conditions and the time of day was a neat and simple solution to allow selection of the right image. Thanks again!


What weather icon set is that?

I got them here:

It’s a small set that doesn’t cover every possibility, but I really liked the more realistic look. I am thinking of converting to these animated PNGs though: Animated Weather Icon Set : RE-03 | Mike Afford Media

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I am a noob, but here is my first super tile made for my son’s room.