Show off your Super Tiles!

With the introduction of the Super Tiles feature in SharpTools, we’ve seen some really neat examples in the community and wanted to provide a place to show off your cool work! :sunglasses:

So if you’ve put together a Super Tile, share it below! You never know who you’ll inspire! :tada:

For those who aren’t familiar with Super Tiles, be sure to check out the link above, but the short version is Super Tiles enable you to build custom layouts for your devices and variables using a drag-and-drop editor like shown in the GIF below!




Some tiles… Background color changes with temperature using styles.

image image

image image


How do you get hub info?

On Hubitat: load the “Hub Information Driver”, Create virtual device and load the new driver into it. Add to sharptools App on Hubitat. Go to sharptools and make tile of any of the hub info attributes.


Multiple Door Locks Super Tile
This Super Tile shows the lock status of our exterior doors. It will also lock/unlock any of the doors, and includes battery life info.

All doors locked:

Any unlocked door changes the tile color to red, and a large icon will identifiy the guilty lock(s).


thanks! I am not getting a temperature value for some reason. Did you have to do anything to get yours to populate? Everything else is there.

Open the device in hubitat, there is a temperature polling on/off, click that on. Then you may need to reauthorize it in the hubitat sharptools app to get it over to sharptools. Lets see your supertile!

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thanks! which attribute are you using for CPU %?

Hi friends. A simple but useful dashboard that displays status of lighting virtual switches but also status for each own light, in order to find out if one single light is ON when group switch is OFF and if a light is OFF when group switch is ON, In the case of “Escalera” tile (Stairs) there are both Micro Switch and light status and control, I added a physical microswitch in order to defeat my wife anti home automation habit of turning off switches around the house breaking my beautiful automations… :rofl:


@Carlos_Juarez always comes up with something clean but beautiful! That looks really nice.:+1:

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Hi there,
this is only the beginning of my Super Tile. I have more ideas for it. currently it shows if the doors and windows are open/closed and it shows switches of the lights. Here I have to go with the switch icon. Actually I want to show a light icon and if it is on the icon would glow. But this seems to be not possible with the Super Tiles yet (maybe i will add custom icons for this in the future or my feature request will give me this possibility). If you tap on the switch in the Super Tile the Light toggles on/off.
I will also add these kind of tiles for the upper floor, the basement and outside.


This is great. It is exactly what I was hoping to do with supertile concept for security (motion / locks); now I am inspired to try it!

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I’m really confused.

I was hoping to replace multiple tiles:

with a single tile.

Currently, if there is motion on any of the separate motion sensors, then that particular tile changes to indicate this - different icon, different colour etc. I can;t figure out how to do this with supertiles.

Also, clicking on any of these tiles takes me to the individual dash for that floor. Again, I can’t figure out how to enable each of these ‘sub’ icons within a single supertile to enable individual actions (i.e. click on part of the tile, it’ll take me to the “low floor” dash, another would take me to the “top floor” dash).

Ideally, I’d like to combine these …

… into a single tile.

Is any of this possible?


Yes mostly possible I think. You can certainly have the icons reflect the state of the sensor, but I don’t think you can change the colour of each element individually.

  • First add your motion sensor to the supertitle as as ‘Icon’ > ‘Thing Icon’
  • Click the icon > Settings > ‘Select Icon’ > ‘Add State’. You’ll then add a state for ‘==active’ with one icon and another for ‘==inactive’

Same. While in the super tile editor. Click the element you’ve added (your motion sensor icon), click the settings icon, and change ‘action on tap’ from ‘none’ to ‘hyperlink’. Paste the address of your target dashboard in as the hyperlink.


So here is my 1st stab at using Super Tiles! Ive created 4 tiles, respectively for my living room, bedroom, energy & weather. My sources are mostly a Netatmo weather station, Tibber for electrical prices and my smart switches power state for also showing what kind of heating is on in respective rooms. The color of the tiles change according to either temperature-thresholds (for the rooms), power-pricing and lastly chance of rain.


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It’s a great shame that the states for each element cannot be set. Eg, in my case, I’d happily have a highlighted green lamp (no danger), but I’d prefer my motion to be something more significant. Ditto for heating.

Using indicidual icons for this allows different colours / effects. Using a super tile means every element is subject to the same effect.

Apart from that, I’m enjoying it.

Work in progress, needs tidying up…

Work in progress… one for my car.