Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

Here is my “Kitchen Dashboard” on an HP Slate 21 Pro–still in progress. Planning on adding navigation to other dashboards on the left hand side.

Here is my “Deck Dashboard” on an Fire HD 7–still in progress. As above, planning on adding more “sub dashboards” and navigation to it.
Home Dash…

Light Dash…


I’m really digging the light color scheme!

And I find that using big tiles on the 7" tablets like you’ve done makes it much easier to use.

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I found that by changing the default tile scaling I could make a clean interface that fits will on the Fire 10" screen. What browser are you using for the Fire 7"?

I am using Fully Kiosk for the Fire tablet.

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Hey guys. This is actually my very first post on any community… Ever. I have had vivint smart home for a few years. I love the security. Hate the smart home. So recently I got smartthings and research led me to sharptools. By trade I’m an electrician, I have the hardware install down pretty darn well. I’m loving learning how to automate everything and learning the software side. I have a fire 7 inch in my front room and an old 10 inch samsung note tablet in the bedroom.


Not the best pics. Didn’t want to exit out of fully kiosk to take scteenshots on the devices so I just took photos with my phone. Next step is to learn to hyperlink vivint into the dashboard amd get myself some sonos speakers. I have Google home, but trying to get that integrated is beyond my capabilities right now.


Nice work, @Alex_Burrows! Glad to hear you chose SharpTools as the place to make your first community post ever!

Those skills as an electrician are much desired here when people are trying to wall mount their tablets. Other community members have told us that running power to their tablets is one of the things that brings them the most hesitation.

You might be interested to know that Makes by Mike has some neat power options (and mounts) available:

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I do admit my skills as an electrician do come in handy for wall mounting! And that link is perfect, thanks Josh! I’ve seen his tablet mounts on Amazon but it’s nice to know he has his own website and the power supply options.


One thing to note about the mounts mad by mike is that they are a 3D printed mount and mine was a raw 3D print. So you can see the lines and markings from the printer. Using a combination of 80 grit, 120 grit, 225 grit and wet 1000 grit sand along with a primer/filler and then a good white gloss spray paint job you can get a good looking finish.


That’s good to know Kent, thank you!

Here’s my dashboard. I did a full write-up with screenshots and photos here:

SharpTools is amazing!


@Mads_Kristensen, thanks for sharing. Love the color and layouts of the sub-dashboard design. :grinning:


Hi Guys,
I am quite new in this community (I am used to Hubitat community as Hubitat user) but i felt in love with Sharptools for the first time that i saw some projects.
Last week, I decided to make my own dashboard and this the result. It is obvious that I like Harleys and it is a “must have” for me. I have just a few devices but I will implement slowly…
Any suggestion/comment is welcome.
Keep posting good ideas … we appreciate that!!!


Awesome work, Daniel! I love the Harley as the background - it looks great!


I’ve wall-mounted one of my Fire 10 dashboards. Used a MakesByMike mount. Only $30 and a perfect fit.


Nice. I still have to mount mine. I have only had it for a year now. Haha

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@Mads_Kristenson I really like your setup and the post was very informative. Thanks!


I’ve created a custom dashboard for the control panel by my back door that controls my pool light:

Here’s the writeup about exactly what’s going on here. The TL/DR version is this: My SharpTools dashboard is sending a button push corresponding to the light color I want to Hubitat, which is triggering a few things to happen, resulting in Hubitat sending an http GET request to a Shelly 1 wired into my pool light transformer to blink the12VAC the appropriate number of times to get the desired mode. (Pentair Intellibrite lights select modes/colors via switching power off and on quickly a particular number of times).

Pentair makes a switch that also does this…The Intellibrite Controller selects light modes the exact same way, except IMO it’s ugly, it’s not in any way remote controllable, and it’s EXPENSIVE. --Around $250. A Shelly 1 is 10 bucks! :slight_smile:

In case anyone is wondering how I got this look: The dashboard itself is using a custom background with all the buttons designed into it. The SharpTools buttons are transparent, and fit over the rendered buttons perfectly. I started with solid buttons to design my grid, made a screenshot, and designed my interface over that, then imported it as my background, and changed all my buttons to invisible.

The “current selection” is a hero tile that is displaying an custom attribute on a Hubitat device that is being set when I push a button.


Beautiful dashboard…sure wish it could be used with the Pentair Intellicenter

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Version 2.0

Here is version 2 of my screens. Running a fire tablet 8 latest version. Have switched from smartthings to hubitat. Still a work in process but finally have the tablet mounted after a few months of it sitting around (got the OK from the boss at its current location)

  1. Using Josh’s post on settings for a stock fire tablet side loading fully kiosk for fire tablets
    Problem on My Fire HD 8
  2. I design the screens on a desktop along with Chrome browser is mobile mode. Press F12 and then for a fire tablet 8 use 961x602 for the screen size. Josh also has a post able doing this.
    Designing dashboards via web
  3. Used remote admin for FullyKiosk and took screen grabs.
  4. Mount is Made by Mike, I had purchased the 120V to 5VDC however ended up using the existing telephone cable with 12V DC power supply (mounted in garage) with a 12V to 5V converter at the fire tablet.

Note about screens

  • Credit goes to Mike_Kasper on the color scheme

Screen Shots