Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

Thank you. I will give this a try.

The aquarium site is no longer available.

Try this one.

Hi Terry. I got it work. Must have hit a wrong setting at the beginning. I just reset all the settings and started over again. I am also just using a YouTube video just so I could get this up and running. Thank you for your help. One of my fire tablets is in my bedroom. Is there a way to make the screen go dark after playing the screensaver so it is not showing fish all night?

If you swipe the dashboard from the left you should see fully kiosk browser options, it’s in settings but I’m not in front of my tablet at the moment. You can use the search bar and look for turn screen off in darkness. This turns the screen off as soon as the room is dark.

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Woooow…after migration smartthing platform…and i insert the super tile for temperure and humidity…fantastic from italy!!!


And now insert new super tile in my garage’s dashboard…


Here are a few dashboards I created specifically for my phone, which I use most. I have the following dashboards: Home, Security, Media, Outdoors. (I’m a new user so it will only let me post the first pic)


How did you make your tile header background bar?


I have been updating my dashboards and wanted to share one of my dashboards with you. Had to blurry some of the information but what I really like is my new floor maps.

Did one for the home, one for the garage, one for the warehouse and one for the cars.
Took couple of days to create these maps but now they are very accurate and every furniture finally found their places. All floor map tiles are supertiles and map is a static icon used as a tile background. Arrow icons control window blinds and bulbs control room lighting. Also temperature can be seen.
Did not create supertile for the upstairs (just one small bedroom) so that’s why stairway leads to a bulb and temperature :slight_smile:

Every door and window shows red exclamation mark when open.

Also when washing machine or dishwasher is on there is a icon for it too. If dishwasher is ready and water has been left open that has an icon too:

Blinds control, arrow up = open and arrow down = closed

For the cars I created supertile. Blue car is petrol car and engine heater can be started from the button. White car is electric and it tells charging speed, status and etc. Adding charging controllers later to the tile.


I’m also trying to figure out how to report motion. This is how it is now for the shower room and for the sauna.

I really loved my dashboards before when there was whole lot of small tiles and information going on but now I feel like this is the way I want to go with my dashboards. More realistic kind of look based on 3d maps and all the important controls can be found just there where the action happens.


Bravo, JiiPee. That looks like you made good progress.
I guess the trick is to use custom icons and backgrounds to get some of the contrast and status changes at a ‘local level’. I haven’t had much time to experiment and problem solve, but I had loaded floor plans as backgrounds (originally for quick room selection for robo vac), but wanted to try to show just the security items such as door open status, door lock status, and motion sensors in floorplan mode. But couldn’t rely on my old dashboard model with normal tiles arranged to mimic the house with separate format/styles at the tile level. Unique icons may solve that for me. My other use case was to have several scenes (momentary buttons) in one supertile, but I am not happy with style change control based on which scene selected. thanks for showing what works.

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Been playing around with SuperTiles… They’re great! (Just wish we could do a “setlevel” pop-up. Yes, I voted for it! :slight_smile: )






…a work in progress!


What program did you use to design the background image and how did you add it your dashboard please?

Hi, I used Planner5d. No need to install any applications…easy to use from browser.
I created floorplans in planner5d and downloaded them as pictures. Then created super tile and added floorplan as static icon to super tile background.

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Found most of the answers I needed here in the Community. A few by trial and error…

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I spent a lot of time converting to SharpTools in recent months replacing both webCoRE and ActionTiles. Couldn’t be happier.

Here’s my holiday lighting dashboard (by far my busiest dash). There’s a ton of rule logic behind my holiday lighting, especially for Thanksgiving/Christmas - everything is automated. This dashboard gives me a perfect view of status and ability to manually override when needed. I use the overlay dash to manually change the scenes for my outside lights.


Here is the current iteration of my weather section of my home dashboard.


I wanted to wait until I was “done”, but now realize that will never be the case… Really enjoying this. Great way to consolidate multiple apps and have begun making a phone version. The popup menu is a great addition. Some day will try to learn how to make a text based side bar, but for now the tiles are working.