SharpTools Android Widgets and Tasker Plugins with Hubitat

I made the switch from SmartThings to Hubitat but so far have decided to leave my August lock on the ST hub. This is because I use Sharptools to toggle the lock on/off as I’m leaving/arriving home.

If I were to bring the August lock over to Hubitat, would I still be able to use Sharptools to do the same thing?

Are you referring to the SharpTools Tasker plugins? I noticed this was posted in the ‘ (Web)’ category (eg. Dashboards and Rule Engine), but you mentioned that you toggle the lock as you are leaving/arriving home which is commonly done in Tasker.

The platform supports SmartThings and Hubitat - meaning you can use either hub with the SharpTools dashboards and Rule Engine.

The SharpTools Tasker plugins currently support SmartThings only. We considered adding support for Hubitat to the Tasker plugins but have received more demand in the dashboards and Rule Engine so have focused our efforts there. :slight_smile:

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I too was concerned about my August Pro Smart Lock when I first moved over to HE from ST, and left it on that system for awhile.

Alas, there was no reason for my apprehension, and was actually easier to pair with HE than with ST. As far as the toggle functionality, you can absolutely use SharpTools. Despite not being able to control HE hub using the Android app, it’s not too much of an issue to configure it in a SharpTools dashboard.

Another option you may consider is the service I use for the same functionality, IFTTT. For the “IF”, I simple select the IFTTT native “Button Press” as the trigger, and I go straight to August (in lieu of going through Hubitat) and set the “Then That” action. Then, add a widget to one of your phone’s screens, select IFTTT, button, and drop it in an open square. It will then give you the option to select from all of the Button triggers you’ve configured. Which actually brings me to a question.

Is the toggle you were using in SharpTools when with ST automated, or were you using a virtual/physical button which you needed to manually select? I assume it’s automated, only because simply using the August App would be the best course of action for manual toggle.

I use SharpTools as a tool to round up all the different brands and UI of all my devices and control them seamlessly through a common dashboard and UI. However, I place a high level of significance on retaining local control of all my devices, where able and logic dictates. Hence, almost all automation I have configured was done so within the Hubitat Elevation system.

Now, before Josh bans me for pitching the competition’s systems, hear me out. I’m a very vocal and frustrated critic of the Hubitat UI and automation configuration tool. Whilst I’m not quite there yet, anything I configure in Hubitat will essentially be used as a backup to my SharpTools dashboard. The reason being, while I prefer local control for everything, the SharpTools cloud based system has yet to fail me with my devices. In fact 99.9% of the time, all of the other cloud based systems I use (Wyze, Meross, IFTTT, etc.) work flawlessly and with little to no delay.

So, my point to all this is, if you are in fact looking for automation of the August Lock toggle, I recommend using the HE hub (God Aweful) automation tool. If you’re not too sensitive to local v. cloud based service, use SharpTools every time. Or use both, having one scrutinizing the other each time isn’t a bad thing.

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Hi Josh,

Are there any plans to add support for the Sharptools Widget on Android for Hubitat devices? Now that I have my August Lock switched over to Hubitat, I would love to be able to toggle it and monitor the device through the Sharptools widget. This was something I was able to do with SmartThings, but as far as I know there is no way to do it for Hubitat yet (unless this feature was added since my last post).

Our near-term plans are focused on improving the dashboard and Rule Engine based on popular user request.

You can use Tasker along with the Hubitat Maker API to setup custom widgets. It’s not quite as easy to setup as SharpTools widgets, but it’s really not too bad. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to provide more details if you’d like?

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Any hope for hubitat support in the tasker app any time soon?

Hi @chris_wilson we have been focusing on the Dashboard and Rule Engine which is where we’ve had the most community interest. Is there any particular thing you’d like to do with Hubitat on Android? You may also be interested in checking the Hubitat Maker API which can be used along with Tasker to setups custom widgets.

OK so no movement. Unfortunate for all this time. Ty for the response. Yes I am aware of the maker api options. Was just hoping for something a bit easier.

@josh would you mind giving a high level overview of making a tasker widget? I’m familiar with tasker and I use it now to send http requests from location profiles for locking doors and such. My biggest question would be how best to replicate the push functionality present on the smartthings side to update the widgets? I know I can check device status via http, and I suppose you could periodically check and update as necessary, but push would obviously be better. Do you have to intercept push notifications from the hubitat app per device, or is there a better way?

I switched from ST to Hubitat recently and have learned I cannot trigger scenes via tasker/ anymore.

I hope this is coming soon! it makes it easy for apps like Sleep As Android to trigger scenes.

Hi @Ben_Searles - I hope you don’t mind that I’ve moved your post into another topic which is more focused on Tasker integration with Hubitat. As you’ll note from the discussion above, we’ve had a lot of interest from the community on Dashboards and Rule Engine, so that’s where we’ve been focusing our efforts.

In the meantime, Hubitat has a Maker API which can be used with Tasker.

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Hi, I would like to express some more interest for the Sharptools Widget on Android for Hubitat devices. The particular automation I would like to move over from Smartthings is a Garage door automation that reads Status and operates Smartthings devices in Tasker via the Sharptools Widget on Android while on mobile data. I am aware of the Hubitat Maker API but it’s sure much less convenient and I’m not sure the endpoint url will even work while not on my home network. Any hope for the Sharptools Widget on Android getting and update to work with Hubitat also?