Share your cool SharpTools project!

lol, yeah, it is my actual name, imagine my surprise when watching the show … I was all “wait, what??”

Anyway, looks like almost identical images we’re using, just different regions. I had my media set to refresh at 900sec, have adjusted to blank and will let it sit for a while, fingers crossed.

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ok, that does prevent the image from blanking out, but of course, it also prevents the image from being updated. [sigh] … Browser refresh it is after all.

Mine updates. its been running for months and not sure on the frequency of updates but my link is updated many times throughout the day.
As you can see here, its running after noon and it was 930 when i posted earlier.

Ah, but you’re refreshing the page, due to the Wyzecam, right? As a test I opened the image directly, in a new tab, and it didn’t self update over time, had to refresh the tab.

Which is expected behavior IMO, just a pity their servers aren’t compatible with the cache busting technique used here. Hardly seems worth Josh’s time to implement optional cache busting … but admittedly, it could be kinda nice if it worked without having to refresh the entire page. [shrug]

interesting. Never noticed. Mine goes to dakboard after 5 min of no movement. It is usually refreshing when behind bakboard if that helps, i guess its usually updated every 30 min or so on a tablet. But on a PC screen, probably is an issue. .

now you ruined it for me… thought that one thing refreshed lol lol…

Wonder if anyone else’s live radar does it better?

I’m really impressed by the creativity you guys are showing! I wanted to share a cool design that a user shared with me as I thought you guys might like it (and blessed my resharing). I’m really inspired by the cool stuff everyone is putting together!

Running on a Amazon Echo Show:

Running on an iPad wall mounted:

Running on a Fire tablet:

Direct Screenshots:


That is freaking cool!

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Are the tiles black or transparent? If transparent, how? Also, how do you do a background image?

Maybe I’ve missed those in updates the last few months.
Y’all are kicking butt on the platform.

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I’m pretty sure he used black tiles, black background, and a media tile in the middle to give the ‘background’ effect. I love the style though. :grinning:

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Hint hint. Background pic and transparent tiles. :wink:


Very cool. Looks like the media tile is 6 tiles wide, something that other dashboards cannot do, as they are limited to maximum 3.


just started to play with this great tool (thanks!).

I override part of the css with a chrome plugin, and had a little fun.
Thanks again, can’t wait to put that on my wall.


@Tim that looks really awesome - thanks for sharing!

I moved to SharpTools from ActionTiles. Much more polished, thanks for the good work. Here’s my home dashboard. Any tile with parenthesis and a number is actually a virtual device that shows (and controls multiple lights). Everything works, the only issue is that the thermostat is painfully slow in showing the correct set point.


Here is what I use for my main interface on my phone


Hey Tim just admiring your dashboard and was thinking about doing something similar to your setup. How do you get the left side menus selections to look like that? I see that each tile lights up with a single line to show you what menu item you have selected.


I’m not sure exactly what CSS @Tim applied, but based on his commentary it sounds like he is using custom CSS with a Chrome browser plugin to style things accordingly.

You could approximate the concept of a highlighted/selected ‘tab’ by using the same set of Dashboard tiles on each page with only the ‘active’ one modified with a different color.

In Tim’s example it looks like there is a Main, Bedroom and Audio tab. So on the ‘Main’ dashboard, the Dashboard tile for ‘Main’ could use the Tile Editor to apply a different color to it (or use CSS as in Tim’s approach). The other Dashboard tiles on the ‘Main’ dashboard would have the standard color. This concept would be replicated on each dashboard with only the ‘active’ tile for that particular dashboard having a highlighted background color.


How did you do the graph? I want something similar but for a power meter that i currently have paire to my smartthings hub. Thanks!!

Tim - You wouldn’t want to share your CSS with us, would you? This is fantastic!



so, i played with the chrome plugin Stylus to override the CSS, but it was not a good solution. i lost everything after changing my computer, and not saving what I did… and i could not find a plugin that i can use on a tablet…
But i think i ll will dive again into that and give you that asap (when work permits, maybe around Christmas).

A question / feature request for you @josh: i would love an option to override the style / css directly into Sharptools. Do you think that could be an option?