Feature Requests: Theme, Icons, Up-Down Tile

Thanks. Really appreciate your effort, especially as we’re not paying for this yet.

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Just an update that tonight’s SharpTools.io platform update adds the ‘Security’ setting to Hero Attribute tiles. Thanks for the suggestion and your ongoing support! :smiley:

(To see the update, make sure to refresh your dashboard page)


Yup, I see it, perfect. Thank you.

Under feature requests:
Is it possible to make use of the “open with vlc/ open in vlc/ play with vlc” ability in Chrome, so that we can stream higher quality video streams? MJPEG quality is better than nothing, but since my modern cameras stream in HD (H.264), and my screens all have HD quality, I’d like to see my SharpTools screen in a higher resolution.
Thanks for consideration.

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Under Feature Requests:
I would like to have the ability to make a Tile that is half the width (vertically) of a typical tile, to distinguish it from other types of tiles.
Why do I want such a feature?
I would put in this type of tile, primarily the “Dashboard” type of tile.
I would like to arrange my tablet screen so that it has at the top of the screen a (fake) “tabbed” interface.
In other words, at the top of every screen (dashboard), I would make a series of smaller (half size) tiles that would handle navigation between screens (i.e. dashboards). One tile would go back to the “home” screen, one would go to the screen for “kitchen”, etc.
It would make the entire Dashboard interface much more “user friendly”.
(If this can be done at present, please forgive this feature request, I just don’t know how to do it.)

Jack, you can adjust the dashboard’s overall tile size to “Tiny” and make all tiles, except dashboard tile, twice bigger to achieve what you want. And in each dashboard, you can choose different color for the dashboard tile you are currently viewing to give you the “selected” tab look. You can of course adjust the tile size, add space between the dashboard tabs and other tiles however you want, and here is a quick example I just put together.

You should definitely check out other dashboards shared in the community to get some inspiration, and don’t forget to share yours later too. :slight_smile:

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Ability to add more user pins. I plan on using this as a full on security system. So I’d like to have a few different pins I can give out to disarm the Smart Home Monitoring. If there was a way to log times events happened and what user. So I can easily see who disarmed/armed SHM. So for example, at 8:07am user X entered pin on SHM disarm tile. Or something similar to that nature.

Also, ability to add H.264 camera streams.


Any way to incorporate a Google Calendar (Events View) into a tile? The ability to add a widget into a tile would be a game changer for my screen usage.

For example:

Thanks for all the awesome work!


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve been tossing around the idea of calendar integration (with Google likely being a lead integration), so it’s good to hear your interest in it as well!

You mentioned adding a widget into a tile. Can you clarify what you mean by that?

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Just meaning the google calendar into a tile.

That would be awesome! Smells like a good premium feature!!! :wink:

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Could you just incorporate an option to have two images? One for the stationary fan and one that shows lines for movement? Not sure how hard this would be. May be more work that it is worth just thought I would throw it out there.

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I would love the idea to have a “default” icon and an “active” icon

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For example, I can have the normal garage icon with the door closed as default mode, and when my garage door is open, I can use this icon that i just mocked up

I think both of these would be covered by the ‘icon pairs’ concept we we’re thinking of where certain icons would have a standard ‘active’ and ‘default’ icon associated with them. I’ll look at bumping up the priority for it. :grinning:


Any update with a color wheel or another method for rgb control?

We have adding a color picker tile scheduled for the next sprint. We are wrapping up the current sprint this week and expect to release next week, so we should start working on the next sprint with a targeted release in January.

No. It was supposed to quote a reply from you in October about rgb bulb/strip support.

Yes, I was referring to the addition of a color picker tile - eg. a tile that is specifically designed to work with RGB(W) lights and allow you to control the color of those lights.

In the meantime, you can control your device colors through the SharpTools Rule Engine and rule tiles. Since the Rule Engine supports changing the color of RGB(W) devices, you could create a rule with an action to change the RGB(W) bulb/strip to your desired color and then add that rule to your dashboard.

Here’s a rule which sets the color of a Hue Bloom device (no triggers, just an action in the flow).

And the fourth tile on this dashboard is a rule tile which lets you execute that rule.

And since it’s a rule, you could coordinate multiple lights together if desired. For example, a special rule that changes several lights to reflect your favorite sports teams colors or your kids favorite colors or whatever combination you like.

Hi, I added an Camera on my Dash Board, do you think is possible add feature when I click on camera I can see in full screen?

Thank you for your job.

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