Rules Engine: Changes from

Would it be possible to add a “Changes from” in the rules engine logic?

I have rules in webcore that I’m porting to sharptools, that trigger when a variable changes from 0.
The trigger cannot be simply “is not 0”, because it’s important to the rule that the variable WAS 0, and is now not 0.

Thanks in advance

Hi David-
I moved this into the Feature Requests category if you want to scroll up and cast a vote on it.

In the meantime, I believe you could accomplish this using variables. You could create a variable and then flip it to True whenever the variable changes to exactly 0. Then whenever the variable changes to something other than 0, if the variable is currently true, you can change it to false and run whatever actions you wanted preconditioned on the “changes from” concept.

Thanks Josh, and thanks for the idea.