Rules based on dates


I need some help to create rule to create a rule to reset the HEM values each month on the same day: 01.

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Hi @Vio_hal, welcome to the community. You can achieve this via IFTTT + Rule Engine HTTP Trigger.

Frist to create a rule and add a HTTP Trigger. Add the desired actions in the Flow, and copy the HTTP Trigger URL.

Then go to and create an IFTTT applet by using “Date & Time” → “Every month on the” as the IF section, and Webhooks as the THEN section. Fill in the URL copied from previous step. Then this IFTTT applet will start the rule you created in Rule Engine on the specific day of month you specified.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in this feature to be natively supported in Rule Engine, please cast your vote in the following feature request.

Feel free to let me know if any questions.

Thank you very much for your help!

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There is a straightforward workaround without IFTTT. Create 3 variables DayOfWeek, DayOfMonth, MonthOfYear. And schedule a rule to run at 12:01 daily. Rule is
set $DayOfWeek to $
set $DayofMonth to $
set $MonthOfYear to $

Then if you for example want to run 8AM on the 3rd of the month, set a timer alarm for 8AM and check the MonthOfYear variable for 3

Hy, Brian!

Thank you for your feedback, but I don’t think I fully understand what are you trying to say.

May you be more specific?

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