Rule Engine: Trigger every month


For now you allow trigger per hour , day and week. Can you please allow month , years.
I want automatically reset energy consumption of light module every month.

Please advise,


I want to be able to set my Christmas lights to auto turn on at sunset and turn off at midnight but only if it’s December


Curious what type of Christmas lights setup you have? Are they permanently installed? :grinning:

Hey James! Yes and no. The outlets are permanently affixed. I switch what’s plugged in depending on the season (ie halloween, christmas, Canada Day, etc) So I would like to set date specific IF commands so my Christmas Lights aren’t staying on out of season but then the outlets stay off when there’s nothing plugged into them.

Edit: I realize I could just turn off each rule seasonally. Better yet, I would love to be able to have the rules themselves turn on/off seasonally

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With all the respect to sharptools and James who developed sharptools rule engine… You can easily done your request with WebCore. No problem to trigger on months and sunsets… Give it a try until James will add this feature to sharptools as well

Thanks for the tip but I’m not a fan of Webcore at all.