Rule Logs over 24 Hours

It would be incredibly helpful to have the last 24 hours logs at least visible…its a pain to get up and then have to enter last nights date and time specifically to see if something ran or not…
The last 3 hours is WAY too short in my view…

I think the logs are available for the past 3 days…just click on the ‘Jump to time’ from the pull-down, and then change your date. Note: the time is in 24-hour time.


Yes they are…however you need to know exactly when something was activated in a 2 hour window.
What im suggesting is you just see ALL of the say last 24 hours /3 days so its easy to find any activity
If you dont know exactly when to look , this makes it very difficult.
If they are kept for 3 days, then lets have an option to see 3 days logs as a dropdown

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I would like to see longer time frames for logs as well. I have some rules that don’t run often and not at set times so being able to have more of a time range shown would be helpful. Or even just the last 2 hour time frame being shown from the last log received

Exactly that…I have similar rules, and the way it is now I have no idea when they ran or got triggered…

You can review 4 hour windows at a time: the selected time +/ 2 hours.

Even our internal support uses the Rule Logs feature when someone reaches out so support with a Rule ID. More often than not, the support messages don’t include a timestamp (or timezone) and in order to avoid back and forth, so we scan through the logs 4 hours at a time.

My standard workflow is to open the Rule Logs and if there’s nothing in the default 1 hour prior window, I bump it to 3 hours since it’s just a single click.


Then if it’s not in there, I use Jump To Time where I adjust the range to +/- 2 hours and then roll the clock back four hours at a time. If that doesn’t match anything, I just roll the clock back another 4 hours and repeat.


Edit: I would add that this is great discussion, but if you want to make a formal feature request, you would need to use the feature request category so votes could be tracked.

Thanks for the reply Josh… as you have described it, thats a lot of messing around to see a log which is already there but not visible immediately until you happen to hit the right 4 hour window . Is there a technical reason why you just cant see the 3 days logs?
I will add a request for it as a feature…really appreciate the feedback !