Rule Execution Logs

We are excited to announce the new Rule Execution Logs feature :mag_right: which closes out another top feature request. You can use Rule Logs to verify if a rule was triggered as expected and get insights when troubleshooting rule logic.

:white_check_mark: This closes out the Rule Execution Log feature request!

What are Rule Logs?

Rule Logs track information about each step of rule including the trigger, actions, IF Condition comparisons, and more. It enables you to trace what, when, and how a rule executed in a high level message view. Additionally, you can drill into the details of each step to see relevant runtime data such as variables or device state.

Common use cases include:

  • Verify if a newly created rule gets triggered and executed as expected or not
  • Troubleshoot why a rule didn’t execute by following the expected logic, such as IF Conditions
  • Check the history to see if a rule was triggered or not around a specific time (within the past 3 days)

Learn More

To learn more about Rule Logs, check out the associated help article:


This is very cool and helpful… THANKS!

Is there a way to see a combined log? (or to do filtering across multiple rule logs?) I’m trying to debug something at a specific time, but I have a ton of rules and so its tedious to go through each rule’s logs, one-by-one, to find IF it has an event at the time, and then compare ALL the separate rule logs that have an event at that time.

You have to check each rules logs one by one. You could temporarily disable some of the rules for troubleshooting. Or even combine some of the rules. Sometimes I have one rule do my main logic and set a variable and then have that variable as the trigger in other rules.

To help debug my rules, I would like a log of changes to a variable. If I clicked on the log for that variable it would show me the time the variable changed, the value prior to change, the value following change and the rule that triggered the change.

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