Rule Execution Log

Add the rule logging feature in Rule Engine to allow users to view the rule execution history and troubleshoot the rule logic if needed.

Use Case

  • Check if a rule has executed recently
  • Verify and test if the rule logic is working as desired

What it Solves

Currently users have to add notifications in the rule flows to test with the rule logic, but is not convenient. This rule log would help users to test and troubleshoot a newly created rule, or verify if an existing rule has been executed or not.

Where do I find this feature?

This is a Feature Request for Rule Logging. You can add your vote to show your interest in this feature at the top of the post:

Ah sorry - thought this was already a new feature

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This would be great. I’ve wished for it more than once, particularly as I slug my way through SmartThings new app misery . . .

This could be great !. I have take some time finding out what is going on when somethings are not working as desired, with a log everything could be easier to do that. For example now, some virtual buttons are switching ON and OFF as I expected, and working great and consistent, but being honestly I do not why they are working ok because I cannot find the rule/If/then that make them work properly …haha. I thing its kind a fluke, having good luck but I know its better know what its happening.

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Here is a great use case. Last night after midnight, I suddenly had a bunch of lights turn on. I have no rules, automations or pistons, etc that would have done this if things were operating normally.

I’m on SmartThings, so I looked in the IDE and saw that the Rule Engine had sent the commands to turn the lights on. However, I don’t have any rules that should have triggered after midnight. So being able to look at a log to see what triggered the Rule Engine would be great.

After further consideration, I remembered that I had an errant notification that my STHM had been disarmed on arrival. I had already been home for 5 or 6 hours, but, um, well, it’s SmartThings and its presence sensor. I do have a Rule Engine rule that triggers upon arrival, and that is what caused that rule to trigger and turn the lights on.

So I ultimately figured it out, but a log would have enabled me to see the issue right away!


Excited to announce that Rule Log is now available for beta testing. :smiley: Please refer to the most recent beta post for details or pm @support if you’d like to join the Beta Tester program.


All voters, this Rule Execution Logs feature is now available in :grin: Thank you for voting/commenting, and please see the announcement post below for more details: