Rule Engine Updates - Oct

We are excited to announce another update with some nice enhancements to the Rule Engine as well as some requested dashboard enhancements.

Improved Rule Saving Performance

Saving rules is now nearly instantaneous as we’ve offloaded much of the rule scheduling/processing logic to backend processes. After you’ve saved a rule, you’ll see a spinning indicator in the rule list while the rule gets processed and scheduled. This results in a much faster and nicer experience while building rules.

Additionally, if the system has an issue scheduling or setting up a rule, you’ll see a warning indicator in the rule list. If you see this indicator, try saving the rule again. :slight_smile:

Time related features display in user’s locale

Now when you use the timer or other time related features in the Rule Engine, the time will be displayed in the format set on your computer/phone/tablet. This makes it easier to quickly review your rules to ensure things are scheduled at the appropriate times.

Additionally, the timer trigger has been updated to default to ‘daily’ scheduling, but you can still change the rule to a one-time execution by changing the Repeat option to None.

Rules are sorted by name

The list of rules in ‘Manage Rules’ is now sorted alphabetically by name. This makes it easier for those of you with lots of rules to quickly find the you are interested in!

Dashboard Enhancements

Several dashboard enhancements were included in the release:

  • iOS 9 devices show the glowing icons when a ‘switch’ device is turned on.
  • Thermostats in Celcius at 120px tile size fit on one line (eg. no line break)
  • Hubitat ‘Garage Door’ devices should now be recognized as garage doors rather than contact sensors. This also means you’ll get the benefit of seeing the default icon change from open to closed.
    • If you have overridden the icon on your Garage Door tiles, you want want to remove the override to take advantage of the dynamic icon status.
  • Hubitat valves which also have a ‘switch’ capability now display as a valve
  • Added contact to the list of always subscribed attributes