Rule Engine - Buttons on Inovelli Switches Exposure Issue

I’m trying to set up a rule predicated upon a button push from an Inovelli Red Switch. After selecting the switch as the Trigger, “Button” is exposed as an attribute. If I select “Button”, I’m not prompted for which button I want to associate the action with. (The switch has 15 buttons that can be mapped.)

It seems to me that the buttons are exposed OK on the Inovelli side, as when I try the same thing in webCore, I’m prompted for the button number to associate.

In Connections, I’ve selected the switch three times, Switch, Color Control and Button.

SmartThings, V2.

@Bry, can you share the link to the device handler you used for the Inovelli Red Switch? I’d suspect the pressed button is exposed through the event’s data field instead of attributes. (The core Button Capability defined in SmartThings developer doc doesn’t include the pressed number as an attribute, but extra arbitrary data can be attached through Event.)

@Bry, thanks for the link to the device handler. The pressed button info is exposed through the event data property as suspected, which is not currently accessible in Rule Engine. But please cast your vote and comment your use case in the following Feature Request to help us prioritize our tasks. :grin:

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