Create Jukebox dashboard to control Echo Show

Hey how are you? I need your help. I just created a second Samsung smart things account. I link it to new Amazon account. I have an echo show on the account. I want to create a music jukebox on sharptools, but it doesn’t show my echo show on smart things. Can you help me, please?

Hi @Fred_Georgeon1, I hope you don’t mind me moving your post to its own topic so it’s easier for others to find in this related topic.

Do you mean you want to create a 'jukebox" dashboard to control and play music through your Echo Show device? If so, SmartThings has unfortunately shut down the community developed “Echo Speaks” smart app in Sep 2020 that integrates Echo devices as the Music Player device in SmartThings.

Please submit the feature parity requests to SmartThings in the post above so SmartThings can hear the feedback and hopefully come up with something soon. Or please let me know if this wasn’t what you were asking for.

Yes you answer my question. Thank you

Is there any other Bluetooth speaker that i can use?

Sonos is a pretty popular Smart Speaker that you can use for this jukebox type of setup.

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thank you for all your help.