Resolved: iOS 13 Tile Edit Menu Issue

When I am trying to edit any dashboard on a mobile device (iPhones, iPads, and Kindle HD10) the touch target do not align with the popup menus.
I often have to tag Change Layout to get copy/move, or edit to get change layout. And if I want to edit, well that becomes a tough one, because rapping outside the menu dismisses it. Yet, I must tap on a point higher than the edit text, while not accidentally dismissing the menu.

I have a video, but cannot post it directly here. As such, here is a link to it in iCloud.

Thanks for the feedback, @Armand_Welsh. We recently received a report from @Tommy that sometimes the ‘Remove’ option in the tile menu didn’t work for him on his iPhone and I’m wondering if it could be related to this.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my Pixel 2 XL yet and I don’t recall seeing it on my iPad before… have you noticed if there’s any other steps that must be taken to trigger this issue? (for example, adding and removing or rearranging tiles or anything)

If you open a dashboard fresh and then try editing it (eg. pull down to reload the page), are you able to reproduce the issue?

It happens when the content extends beyond the screen. You can see in my video capture that I press edit, and edit was highlighted, but change layout dialog appears. When the content requires scrolling, it is after scrolling that the issue occurs.

It happens on my a Kindle HD 10 through the Silk browser too. I have not tried it on my iPad Pro which uses desktop mode browsing by default, but I did have the issue on iPad mini

Thanks for the additional details. I wasn’t able to reproduce on the Fire HD 8 with Silk (, but I was able to reproduce the issue on an iPhone X (iOS 13).

We’ll dig into it and see if we can figure out what’s going on.


Yeah, I was not able to now either. Maybe I had a different issue on fire and thought it was this one too. Thanks.

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@Armand_Welsh and @Tommy just a heads up that we’ve pushed out an update today which should resolve the issues with iOS 13 devices and the Tile ... menu.

Please give it a try and let us know if it resolves the issues you were seeing!


I added and deleted a tile successfully on my ios13 iPhone. :grinning:
Thank You!


So far, it works for me. Thanks!