[RESOLVED] Home Assistant device synchronization problem


I just setup a Raspberry Pi 4 and installed the latest version of Home Assistant on it. I’ve installed the Sharptools.io addon for it and authorized it. I’m trying to add devices from my Home Assistant to Sharptools via the addon, but after selecting the devices I want to add and press “Submit”, the button changes to “Processing…” and stays there forever. It never actually makes it to Step 3 “Synchronize”.

When I go check in Sharptools, there are no “Things” added to the location. Am I missing something in setting things up?


Another community member reached out today and said they are experiencing the same thing after they upgraded to 2023.11.1 so I’ll take a look when I’m back in the office on Tuesday and see if I can upgrade to the latest Home Assistant version and see what’s going on.

Me too! Never leaves “Processing”.

Hi @Pat_Chan and @Stan_Silverman - we pushed a platform update out which should resolve this. You should not need to update your Add-On version. Can you try proceeding through the authorization / device synchronization flow again and let me know if that resolves things?

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All is well. My device shows up in Thingland as expected.


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Same here! Thanks Josh!

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