Requesting Home Assistant Connection

Is there any update now. It has been a long time since the last update.

Hey Andy-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! The Home Assistant integration has worked its way to the top of our feature request list and we are actively working on it. I don’t have any additional details to share at the moment, but once we’re ready for beta testers, I’ll be sure to share an update here. :smiley:


That’s fantastic news! If any beta testers are needed, please let me know.


This could take some users from ST to Home Assistant !.. :scream:

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I’ve migrated almost everything to HA. The only reason ST is still running is as a bridge to SharpTools. STs reliability has only gotten worse in the last few months. I’ll be thrilled to yank the plug!


Just wanted to share an update that we’re nearing the release of a private beta of the Home Assistant and SharpTools connection! We’ve been busy getting all the bits-and-pieces in place to make sure your favorite smart home platform works well with SharpTools!

Keep an eye on this thread as we will be posting more details, including how to join the private beta, in the coming weeks. Please note that this will be released as a Home Assistant ‘Add On’ which means you’ll need to be using one of the supported installation methods (eg. Home Assistant OS or Supervised)

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Best Christmas EVER! :grinning:


Very interesting.
Now make it mostly run in a local HA Add-On and I’m sold.
Regardless I will be checking this out.
Wouldn’t mind checking out that Beta if I can.


OMG, mind blown! Had to cancel my sub a few months ago, gonna renew right now!


Me too when beta releases :call_me_hand:t4:


definitely interested in this beta. the only hesitation i ever had with swapping to HA was losing my dashboards.


Josh, I was a massive fan of Sharptools during your Smartthings era!
I abandoned Smartthings when Samsung gutted their system.
I adopted HomeAssistant and have never looked back, it is a fantastic IOT platform, and the local control, tight integration with 1000s of devices, and completely open source approach combined with their releases of plug and play automatic installations has allowed Home Assistant to mature from a developer/tinkerers platform to a truly globally accessible platform.

Questions for you, what additional capabilities will Sharptools be bringing to HomeAssistant?

Will you be using the blueprint options to implement?

Edit: to show my support, I just renewed my subscription, you do good work, and I fully support your move to HomeAssistant!

Edit: can you elaborate on what will be exposed to HA with your integration?


I know your post is older, but I just wanted to give my two cents.
I was an avid Smartthings user/supporter, with the Sharptools integration, and the community driven custom components on their backend, Smartthings was a great platform.

When they dropped key features, such as echospeaks, and then dumped the backend, and dropped all Samsung sensors, I finally had enough and adopted the HomeAssistant (HA) is platform.

HA had a huge learning curve, it was very much a developers/tinkerers platform. As coding is in my wheelhouse, I was able to put together a fantastic locally processed IOT system. I used the Smartthings integration during my migration, and continued to do so until I migrated the zwave Samsung sensors to HA.

Over the last 2 years, and in particular the major revision this year, HA is a plug and play, automatic install system for a massive slew of IOT are devices. You can still cannot even buy preloaded hardware (HA-Blue (custom odroid based systems or RaspberryPi systems), but I’d recommend putting your own Raspberry 4-8GB system together and go with a SSD boot drive. (This option to boot directly and use SSD instead of an SD card is a much better long term solution. Alternatively, an Odroid SOC can be used, and supports eMMC memory is another solid option).

Looking forward to the Sharptools integration, interested to see how they meld.


Don’t think they can localize, unless they implement some automations thru blueprinting, and somehow implement a localized dashboard.

It’s certainly doable, but don’t know if this fits with their current architecture.

Excited to try it out! Glad this picked up traction!


If it was not obvious, I’d love to beta test your HA integration.
I beta for several IoT and am a system integrator based in southern Oregon.
I have several clients that would benefit from this integration, but, of course, that’ll wait until your out of beta.


We view it as an integration of Home Assistant as another platform selection within SharpTools, so you have access to build dashboards and rules including all the neat features like Themes, Variables, etc that are available with our existing platform integrations. This means you can also mix and match devices from various supported platforms in your SharpTools dashboards and rules.

We’ll be sharing more details about the beta in the coming weeks. :smiley:

Can you share the beta and I’m sure you will get 100’s of new subscribers over night

I also upped my subscriptions and implementation intents based on this feature :+1:


Hi my friend, where can I get a HA Blue Hub…seems it could be a great Home Automation system but very hard to find…