Requesting Home Assistant Connection

Is there any chance that connection or option for a connection can be set-up with a Home Assistant that has been set-up for remote access?

Home Assistant does use a Rest API and web sockets.

There would probably be a number of manual steps on Home Assistant that would have to take place such as creating a SharpTools user, getting long lived access token, setting the domain name that connects to the local instance etc. but most people using Home Assistant are accustom to having to work at it get results.

Anyhow. Thoughts?

Welcome to the community and thanks for the feedback!

Home Assistant Connection is Live! :tada:
Our Home Assistant connection is now live! Check out the following post for more details!

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What drew you to SharpTools over one of the already available dashboard solutions in the Home Assistant community? (eg. Lovelace, HADashboard, Tile Board)


I’d say more familiarity. I was using SmartThings primarily but have since begun migrating to Home Assistant due to being able to use it locally if there was ever an internet outage. That being said, I’ve become used to SharpTools and like it better than the other options. It runs nicely using fullykiosk on my amazon tablets as well. Also, the ease of configuration (ironic considering HA) is a big plus for me.


I’ve just started trying out sharp tools as a nice way to make dashboards Quickly and easily. I use Home Assistant and Hubitat. I connect Hubitat to Home Assistant with MQTT. This lets Sharp Tools see everything. ( at least so far ) maybe that will help! Good luck!


So you can essentially make a sharptools dashboard for home assistant through mqtt?

That’s literally exactly what I’m doing :slight_smile:
Via the Hubitat connection.
I don’t know If it’s better than Lovelace yet, but it’s definitely easier.


How difficult was it to do? Any helpful links? I’ve set up how assistant but it’s beyond my skills for most things.

Just an update that I’ve moved this post into our new Feature Requests category so it’s easier for people to show their interest by voting.

If you’re still interested in this integration, be sure to scroll up and cast your vote on the first post.

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I thought there would be a lot of voting on this as pretty much everything works in Home Assistant just the Lovelace theming is horrible to work with so it would be great to use all the integration of home assistant and Sharptools Dashboards plus rules engine.


Is there any news on this? Is it in the pipeline or will it not be integrated?

I have recently migrated over to Home Assistant after the shambles that is SmartThings. HA is amazing but is let down by it’s clunky dashboard in my opinion. After using SharpTools I find the HA dashboard to be overly complicated and difficult to customise, so seeing integration for HA on SharpTools would be amazing (and a huge relief, as I could have a good looking dashboard again!).

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Following this, I would love to have SHarptools with HA, I believe a lot of user like me who are not developers but get by making it work would use Sharptools

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Make sure to scroll up to the top of the thread and cast your vote!

No news at the moment. We’ve been knocking out other highly requested features and are keeping an eye on this thread to see if the level of interest increases.

I appreciate the feedback on the specific challenges you are seeing with HA dashboards and the clarification on the value that SharpTools would bring. :slight_smile:

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Just opening this back up, how many votes gets this feature nearer the top of the list

IMO it’s not better visually or functionally yet, but easier for sure. you are describing exactly what I am about to do: add back my HA system to run alongside HE. HA has some cool integrations, and I like some of the ‘tiles’ in Lovelace (like multiple device tiles) like this image --but the Lovelace layout can be painful to deal with, but I love the info-rich dashboards you can create, etc.

Using Fully Kiosk ties them all together from a control panel perspective–I can approximate the same theme from system to system (good enough for me anyway).

I was running HA and HE together (w/ST as well), but you’re right, I never figured out how to tie into SharpTools. Started down MQTT path but never grok’ed it and made it functional.

Taking my vote away from above and putting it here. :slight_smile:

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To be honest I find the lovelace dashboard approach to HA far to difficult to implement, I love HA and what it can do however find the dashboards poor in execution. They don’t do full screen well (unless you mess about with adding custom js, which gets out of date with every release or gets dropped by the developer.) The header bar doesn’t need to be there at all but you can’t remove it. ST on the other is easy to use and design. Up Vote from me, most definately.


Jumping back in on this one. SmartThings has been crapping their pants and it appears more pain is to come. I’m making the switch to HA and I love Sharptools!


+1 from me too. I’m at my limit of upvotes, given that I’m a new member, but I’m very interested in the role SharpTools can play as an integrator between various hubs. As a new home automation user, I have Hubitat <–MQTT–> HASS working now, and am thinking about how to handle dashboards. SharpTools seems to have the best balance of utility and ease of use. Integration between SharpToos and HASS would be great!

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I have now put most of my devices on HA, I still have a few on Smartthings and I am a yearly subscriber to Sharptools. I see no reason to renew, if you are not going to support HA.

Thanks for checking into it.

Thanks for the feedback! This particular feature request has been gaining votes and working it’s way up the list of top voted features, so we’ve been thinking about how we could better support Home Assistant (and other similar integrations).

We don’t have anything to announce, but I wanted to let the community know that we are listening and your feedback matters to us!

Just adding my vote for this. I’ve barely scratched the surface of HA (basically spun up a lab instance and connected a few things to mess around with) but my main hubitat hub is struggling with some of our more “demanding” automations recently. I can see me moving most of the heavy lifting away from hubitat soon. As has been said the lovelace interface is a little confusing and for me its not really suited the the wifes use case and now I’ve discovered “scalable (row width)” my dashboards have never worked so well I’d be sorry to see them go. I can maybe see the lovelace interface working better for “power users”

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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