Request for New Icons

I was looking for icons for:

  • Patio (picnic table or patio furniture or park bench or fence)
  • String Lights (like the ones over a patio)
  • Bedroom (Bed with pillows)
  • Closet (door with hanger)
  • Bathroom (bathtub or toilet or toothbrush)
  • Stairs (steps)
  • Wine glass storage (wine glass)
  • Bar (liquor bottles or martini glass)
  • Office (desk)
  • Hue Go (hue go device shape)
  • Pathway lights (sidewalk or curvy path)
  • Porch (porch swing)
  • Patio Door (sliding door)
  • Security Panel / Dashboard (more options for linking to other dashboards)
  • Vacuum (roomba or traditional upright vacuum)
  • Sonos logo
  • Hue logo
  • Uber logo
  • Arlo logo
  • Ring logo
  • Spotify logo

Im not sure what the process is for requesting or creating icons, but Im a designer and willing to help out :wink:

Patio (picnic table or patio furniture or park bench or fence)
I’ve been using the hot tub icon (even though I don’t have a hot tub)
A picnic table would be a nice addition. I’ve added it to the list.

String Lights (like the ones over a patio)
The closest thing we have at the moment is:
I’ll add it to the list to get a more traditional patio string light icon added.

Bedroom (Bed with pillows)

Closet (door with hanger)
I use the T-Shirt icon.
A clothing hanger icon would be a nice addition - I’ve added it to the list.

Bathroom (bathtub or toilet or toothbrush)

Spotify logo
Available in the bottom section under brands.

Pathway lights (sidewalk or curvy path)
I’m having trouble visualizing this as an icon, but I’ve noted the request.

Porch (porch swing)
Having trouble visualizing this as an icon too. Maybe a porch rocker chair could work?

Patio Door (sliding door)
I have some ideas for this, but I’ll have to try it out to see what it looks like in practice.

The other icon requests have been noted - thanks for sharing!

Brand Icons
And on the brand related icons, if the goal is to use a Hyperlink Tile to directly open an app, I would note that one approach people use is to use the Media Tile which also has a hyperlink action.

You can use this to create a tile with your desired brand’s logo and clicking it will open the app:


And if you’re interested in creating icons, take a look at the following post/replies:

@Ricky_Turner put together the pool icons that we recently added and they look amazing!

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Hey @Justin1 - we added a number of icons to today’s beta release.

I’ve gone ahead and added you to the beta so you can check things out!


I’ve wished for an icon editor so tinkerers can design their own icons!

@josh - Awesome… thanks!

@Stan_Silverman - I would think an icon uploader would be a better choice. These icons are probably SVG, not bitmap… so they would have to build a full design tool (complete with bezier curve control, combining paths, masks, etc). There are plenty of existing (and free) apps available to us all that could output the icon you want to design. I doubt we would want to redirect resources to build a complex icon design system into Sharptools. So if you use one of the existing design tools out there to create your icon, the issue youre then facing is getting your new custom icon into your dashboard. And I +1 for adding a solution for that to the roadmap.


You are absolutely correct. And - now that I think about it - Josh made the same argument and convinced me of this a few weeks ago!

Both an icon editor and an icon uploader lead to the same desired end point; giving the user the ability to incorporate customized icons if he wished.


I’d like to add a lawn sprinkler to the list. Perhaps similar to the head and water spray of the shower but aimed upward.

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How about something like this:


that works for me. Did I miss it in the current choices?

Lots of new icons coming in the beta. But I put that one together just for you. :wink:

Wow. Thanks. Best response ever.

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really impressed by how suggestions become reality. one icon i found missing: lightstrips. i went with the Hue Go icon since the strips produce a similar, if elongated effect. But perhaps an icon that’s a line with dots on it, and a glow extending from it?



Thanks for the feedback, I’ve added your request to the list!

Is there a way to have “No Icon”? I’m trying to use a 1X high Virtual Switch and any icon is superimposed on the title text. Would be happy with just the text in this case.

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We’ve included a blank icon in the latest beta. It’s at the end of the ‘Interface’ section or you can search for “blank”.


We’ve included an LED Strip icon in the beta as well. :smiley:



Josh - Thanks! (I tried to come up with another word to express my gratitude, but I drew a blank.)


When using the blank icon, Display Color as Icon Background works nicely; a colored circle.

Choosing Icon Glow does not effect the tile at all. A tile background-colored circle with the color glow would be nice. Or - if not too difficult to do - eliminate the Icon Glow choice when the blank icon is chosen. Or - leave it as-is!

I have a request for a new lighting icon: “vanity lighting”, such as above a bathroom mirror. Obviously there are many different styles but some sort of generic version would be nice to have in Sharptools.


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Awesome been waiting for the LED Strip. How about a fountain? Right now I use the sprinkler icon!

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