Request: Dashboard backgrounds from online folder

I’ve now adopted the transparent tiles and I’m using the nigh sky wallpaper which looks really good on my tablets. Two things that would be really good.

  1. To have the wallpaper cycle through images in an online folder
  2. Have the screensaver launch a slide show from the folder as per #1

Thanks for the feedback, Andy! I’ve moved this request to it’s own topic for better visibility. We use community feedback as a key driver for what we work on so having it as it’s own post gives it better visibility and helps us better understand community interest.

Were you thinking of a particular online service? I wasn’t sure if you were thinking of something like Dropbox, the ability to upload photos (eg. within SharpTools), or cycling through a set of Media items.

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From a business perspective, I don’t think you want to be hosting images for people. Given the appetite for using Amazon Kindle Fires, and my own selfish thinking, the ability to choose and album from Amazon photos would be brilliant. But anything would be good. If you said I had to use a specific platform then I’d set and account up just for this. I’ve got 3 tablets. At the weekend, I set up an album on Amazon Photos so each of them just works like a digital picture frame looping through the images. But if I want to switch back, I have to swipe down, click the app button on the UI and select SharpTools. Ideally…

No activity for 5 minutes - slideshow starts
No motion for 10 minutes - clock screensaver
Motion detected - goes back to slideshow
Tap the screen - back to the dashboard

Or something similar. Put it to the users?


Any update on this? This is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m using a Facebook portal web browser, and the dashboard looks great full screen. But whenever the portal goes into Superframe mode, it exits the full screen mode of my dashboard on the web browser. Which is annoying because I have to manually enter it back into full screen mode…it would still work if i didn’t, but full screen looks so much better. So if I could somehow avoid that, or be able to display a slideshow / screen saver within sharptools…that would be a game changer.

Is Superframe mode like a screensaver mode on the Facebook Portal?

Yea pretty much. It’s just displays a slideshow of pictures / videos from whatever Facebook album you choose. I can disable it completely, and just keep my dashboard open full screen. But my wife and I like to be able to display whatever up to date pictures we want. The Portal is almost perfect for a counter top home control panel, plus built in Alexa.

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