Delay Countdown & What's in your dashboard?

So not sure if this is something that is already possible.

But I have set a ‘Home’ and ‘Leaving Home’ buttons to my dashboard.

For my ‘Leaving Home’ I have set a delay on the rule in HE to take 30 seconds (I live in a split level and my tablet is mounted up the stairs).

So thought it would be cool if it would count down on the tile before the rule took effect.

Again not sure if this is already a thing, or just something I think would be cool and no else cares for?

Also wanted to say Hello! I am brand new to HE and SharpTools just this weekend and am having a blast!

Moving over from Wink my brain is getting very strained in all this new “tech” but I think I am getting a feel for it.

So far here is what I got, but please give me your opinions of what you like on your dash (again coming from Wink all I had was the Relay, that was close to useless).

Thanks all in advance and excited to digging deep into this!


Thanks for posting and thanks for sharing a screenshot of your dashboard! I love the color scheme! :smiley:

You might be able to have the rule update an attribute on a device with the number of seconds left. Basically, the rule would have to ‘tick’ every second as it counted down and update a device with the number of seconds remaining. Then you could use the Hero Attribute tile for that thing and display the custom attribute which is showing the number of seconds remaining.

I put together a custom driver for another user that allows arbitrary values to be ‘written’ to a device so they could display them in their SharpTools dashboards. In theory, you could use that device as both the trigger for the countdown as well as for displaying the countdown.

One challenge might be the timing of how fast Hubitat is able to push out the updates. The display of the timer value will probably be a second or so behind the actual ticks in the rule… so that may or may not work for your use case.

I have a variety of dashboards for different needs, but I’m really enjoying the new calendar and RSS feed integrations for my wall mounted dashboards. I’ve started making my wall mounted dashboards a bit more ‘sparse’ so I can enjoy the background images while still having quick access to ‘at a glance’ information and quick frequently controlled devices/rules.

(Borrowing from the dashboard backgrounds release thread as an example)

For example, on my phone, I have one dashboard I primarily use as a navigation screen - it has some high level information like weather, time, and quick controls for mode/HSM… then the other tiles are dashboard tiles that link to other dashboards for controlling specific things. For example, my ‘security’ items are on one dashboard with PIN protection - eg. locks/garage doors.

For my wall mounted dashboards, I’ve gone through several different designs. There’s some cool examples in this thread:


Love the transparent tiles on the wood!


Where is that image from @josh. :blush:

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Josh I have to thank you for the inspiration!

I stole a lot of what I just saw…and hope to expand off of it!

*Sorry for the terrible picture of the tablet (it took hours for me to get it right)!

I think I should spend more time actually making the automation better…but as a graphic designer, this end is WAY more fun!


I just googled “grey wood wallpaper” and there’s loads. No shame in stealing from google images for personal use! :smile:


Mine’s still quite simple. Day and night just swap modes and then the other take me to other dashboards with the all the actual devices.


I’m with you but how do you load it to sharptools as the background. Didn’t know we could load our own background. :shushing_face:

When selecting the background image for the dashboard, there’s a tab for ‘Media’ which has your own hyperlinked media. :grinning:


Sorry Tommy, I realise what you meant now. Looks like @josh has added instructions here on adding the media.

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Worth noting that you can’t upload media (yet? Maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:). I uploaded my background to GoogleDrive and used the share link for that incase the source file I found on google images moved.


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Hey Jason - Did you ever end up making this countdown tile? I’ve been thinking about attempting the same thing, only I’m thinking about showing a countdown to show you how long you have until the siren goes off when you’ve triggered the alarm :stuck_out_tongue: