Request: Change Tile Color Based on Reported Temperature

Hi do you think is possible to have a option to title change the color by the temperature?
Just an e.g. below 65F change to blue/ 65-72 green/over 72 red

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Thanks for the suggestion, Emerson!

I’ll leave the topic open to community feedback. We use community feedback as a key component of how we prioritize what we work on, so the more people that show interest in a topic, the more likely it is to get prioritized. :grinning:


Could be changed by the Humidity too or other variables. :grinning:

Love this idea! Much like battery tiles that can color code based on level, do the same for temp and humidity. :+1:

Temperature, yes! Humidity, yes! How about also: Lux?

Would changing color based on Lux primarily be for a Hero Attribute tile?

Yes, that’s exactly how I would envision it, changing color when configured as a Hero Attribute tile. However, now that I think about this idea more I’m not sure what the color scale should be. That is, what color Lux 0 would be versus Lux 10,000. Perhaps something like this?

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Is it possible to set color of a tile by value?

Hi @Tomas_Smedberg, you can currently specify tile color based on the defined active/inactive state, ex: on/off, but not custom value. Can you please provide more details for the use cases so we understand the needs better? It’d also help others who may be interested to comment their needs/feedback as well. :grinning:

Hi @Tomas_Smedberg I’ve merged your topic in with a similar request. As James noted, it would be helpful if you could provide more details on your use case.

It seems like the primary use cases we’ve seen so far are around changing tile color based on Temperature and Humidity values, though there has some been interest in other attributes (eg. Lux) for use in Hero Attribute tiles.

I was thinking of doing a visual tile for our indoor CO2 levels. Something like green, orange, red .
Could also be for visualizing when temps get to hot/cold or something like that as you mention


Hi Tom I know the topic here is other, but may I ask you what kind of CO2 sensor do you have?

This would be a great feature. I just got on to try to do this. I monitor my sons room temp and would love a way to quickly see if it is too hot or cold and color is the best way in my opinion.

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didn’t see this thread before, I commented about this on a different thread, but I’ll add it here too for head count on this thread. I would also like to have custom thresholds and tile colors. For example, if my FREEZER temp reports > 0F, then I’d like the tile to turn to a custom chosen color. There should be capability to select multiple thresholds or ranges to make different colors show.

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HI Josh, do you have any news about this feature?

I think colors based on temperature and humidity would be useful as well!

Most definitely! Along with water leak detection!

You might be happy to know that Water Leak detection is already supported with the active/default color states. :smiley:

On a related note, the latest platform update included support for active color states for a wide variety of capabilities - which is especially helpful for Hero Attribute tiles.

Not at the moment. It hasn’t been prioritized into a sprint quite yet. We’re working hard on some major backend changes (which should make it easier to push out new integrations and backend features)!

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It would be a very useful feature for the tile to change color based on value. This could usefully apply to temperature and humidity and possibly luminance and power and maybe even to the Weather Tile for precipitation. Given the wide range it would be important to allow maximum flexibility on color range. For example temperature may only vary by a few degrees but still need a color change.


I will also add, for those of us who have air quality sensors such as PurpleAir, having the ability to change the color of a single tile based on value would be ideal!

Currently I utilize multiple separate switch tiles using the Hero layout. I turn ON the one representing the range/category of the current air quality level while turning the rest OFF. I would love to simplify my dashboard to reduce all those extra tiles!


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