Remove am/pm from clock 12h


Is there anyway to remove the AM/PM tag on the 12 h Clock tile? I’d like to avoid 24h display.

I’m trying to make a display for someone visually impaired and the addition of am/pm takes up width and hence decreases the max size I can make the clock.

I’ve searched a bit, so I imagine it means , it isn’t an option, but just wondering if someone has encountered this before.

Not without customizing the ‘system’ time format of the device you’re viewing things from. By default, the time format is pulled from your PC/tablet/browser’s time format settings.

The Super Tile gives you a bit more control over the layout and positioning of the time, so that extra bit of space squeezing things to the margins might help in this case, but even it doesn’t offer a 12 hour version without the AM/PM designation.

I’m also open to a feature request to improve this. Perhaps a ‘custom’ time format where you could use the HH:mm, h:mm, and other time formatting elements to build a custom format as you see fit.

Since neither of those directly solve your need, I just updated the International Clock custom tile to support a custom time format as well. If you want to give it a try, I can walk you through updating the style on that custom tile to make the fonts larger. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much… This is awesome. Works perfectly. I’ll save my feature request votes for other peoples’ great ideas…

Thanks so much, this is wonderful. I used the custom tile to increase the size and this will be very useful

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I will take you up on the offer to help increasing the font size. I see in the code there is a font-size reference but changing this doesn’t seem to do anything? Thanks.

The Super Tile now supports a custom time format, so that would be the recommended approach.

:clock3: Super Tile - Custom Date/Time Formats

That gives you full control over the time format and the Super Tile itself gives you control over the placement and size of items using its editor.

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