Super Tile - Custom Date/Time Formats

We’re pleased to introduce a new ‘Custom’ option to the Date / Time item within Super Tiles.

Previously, you were restricted to picking from one of the built-in time formats:

While these covered a wide variety of cases, we’d heard feedback from many of you that you wanted the ability to build your own formats mixing just components that you desired. The new ‘custom’ option gives you full control over your format string.

Note that this is a subset of the format strings that are available in the Rule Engine expressions. The various ‘tokens’ that you see in parentheses next to each selection in the drop-down are available and can also be found in the documentation.


I’m trying to get an abbreviated day of the week using ‘ddd’ but it’s not working. It’s showing “10” for the day instead of “Feb” for an abbreviated month. Am I doing it wrong or is it a bug?

That’s expected as ddd is not supported format. Make sure to review the format documentation linked in the post above for the list of supported format tokens.

Of particular note at the bottom of the list:


I had hoped that there was a way to show the name of the day in caps, e.g., “FRIDAY” instead of “Friday”. I tried Friday (DDDD) but that didn’t do it. I’ve concluded that it’s not possible to accomplish this. Am I correct?

Recently, the am pm is incorrect (for at least a few hours) when I place a “a” I have a separate am / pm marker on my clock for spacing on one of my dashboards.

Thanks for sharing. I’m able to reproduce the issue and will take a closer look at what’s going on. :slight_smile:

We pushed a fix for the AM/PM designation showing the wrong value in Super Tile custom time formats (eg AM shown at noon). Thanks again for reporting!