Quick way to Test Rules?

Hi, just creating some rules and I didn’t see an option to quickly test a rule? Did I miss it or the only way to test a rule is to add it to the dashboard?

Thanks all

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As of right now, adding the rule to your dashboard to manually execute it is probably the best approach.

@James has it on his hit list to improve the testing / debugging features of setting up rules though, so I’ve tagged him here for his reference. :smiley:

:information_source: Update: This topic is from several years ago and many features around testing and triggering rules have been added since then including variables, HTTP Triggers, rule logs, etc.

There’s a feature request to manually trigger a rule if you want to cast a vote and reply with your use-case, but it hasn’t had any interest at the time of this edit.

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OK thanks. Just making sure.

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