Pushover - Different Apps

Hi, I use pushover to get notifications from various Sensors in my house. I have a Pushover application dedicated to each sensor so that when I get a Pushover notification, I will get a predesignated icon for the notification to come across on my mobile device.
It appears that in Sharptools I can only have 1 Pushover Application Registered.
I wanted to see if there is a way to register multiple pushover apps.

The standard SharpTools↔Pushover integration is designed as a one-to-one integration.

In theory, you could use an HTTP Action to call the Pushover REST API if you needed more control or the ability to use multiple Pushover ‘applications’

I ended up using the HTTP action to call the REST API. It works great.
I am posting an image of what I had to do so others can benefit.

Thanks for sharing!

PS. I wasn’t sure if these were just test values or not, so I redacted the token / user values in your screenshot. :slight_smile:

Josh, yes, they were test values :slight_smile:
Quick question… I would like to have a time stamp of the notification put into the pushover message I send.
Can you provide some guidance on how I might go about doing that as part of the pushover message?

You could use an expression with something like:

formatDate(now(), 'h:mm:ss A')

The JSON editor for the HTTP Action supports inline expressions as well. Something like the following:

The date formats for the formatDate() function can be found linked below. You can either construct your own format using the various tokens or just use one of the localized formats toward the bottom of the page.