Possible Request? Tile with customized text?

Not sure if its an option that I am not seeing, but it would be great to have a tile that is not tied to anything, and is like the spacer tile, but i change change the label, dimensions, colors and icon.

The way I want to sort everything is have each row “categorized” so I could have a horizontal row with the first icon being a 1x1 and say “BEDROOM”

Someone requested something similar a few days back on the Hubitat community around adding a label to a spacer tile. This is the initial mockup I came up with:

As we discussed it further in the other thread, it sounds like there may be more desire for customization like you mentioned, so it’s good to hear your specific ideas. I think if we make it it’s own dedicated tile type, then adding in the ability to customize the label, dimensions, and color should be pretty straightforward.

What did you have in mind for an icon concept though? Icons are typically the main content on most tiles and as such they are much larger and a bit front-and-center.

I was thinking that if it’s a ‘label’ tile, then there wouldn’t be an icon as you might want to customize the position of the label, the font-size of the label, etc.

If there’s a desire for a static ‘icon’ tile, perhaps that could be another by itself and be more like a Thing tile in terms of layout, but without being tied to a thing for displaying attributes or taking action against a thing.

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Honestly for the icon I wasnt going to have an Icon in my particular setup. Or if I did, it would look like this

“BEDROOM” label
“BED” Icon
“ORANGE” in color

And then the rest of the icons along that row would fall suit… It would allow me to visually see a row and know what room its associated with.


Label tiles are now available in the latest SharpTools.io update. You can find more details in the following topic:

Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, Label Tiles, and More!

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