Popp flow stop 2 cannot be controlled?


Popp flow stop 2 is paired to Smartthings (official integration) and exposed to SharpTools. For some reason it just shows status (open/close) but can’t be controlled via Sharptools dashboard.
Sharptools shows that device has these commands available: ping, close, poll, refresh, open.
Any ideas what causes issue? Flow stop is working normally and can be controlled from Smartthings and from actiontiles dashboard.

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing on your dashboard?

It sounds like it’s rendering as a Valve Tile in which case the ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ commands are small links in the bottom left corner of the tile. There’s currently a Feature Request out to make the Valve Tiles tap to toggle like light switches which you can vote on here:

Voted!! That was it. Those small open and close links work. Hope that this request goes through too.


There are some other approaches you could take in the meantime. For example, you could create a rule in the SharpTools Rule Engine and expose it in your dashboard: