Performance Improvements and Dark Glass Style

We’re excited to announce the latest SharpTools release which includes a new dark glass theme, performance improvements throughout the app, and a variety of enhancements!

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Performance Improvements

This update introduces a brand new next-generation backend which improves the performance of the app, streamlines our technology, and makes it easier to deliver new features!

We’ve seen an average 2x performance improvement - which means faster device control, faster status updates, faster calendar updates and more! This one’s a bit hard to put into pictures, but we hope you enjoy the performance improvements!

* The above graph averages all endpoints (including long-running background tasks). Many day-to-day actions operate faster than the graph indicates!

Dark Glass Style

The latest SharpTools update includes a new 'dark glass' style for modal windows (dialogs/pop-ups) within the dashboard.

Note: Older devices that don’t support the blurred background effect will seamlessly fallback to a darker version of the dialog window.

The goal was to make the style of the dialogs a bit more cohesive with the rest of the app design. We felt that the experience of a white dialog pop up was a bit jarring - especially on color rich dashboards.

More Example Screenshots (tap to expand)

Other Enhancements

  • Calendar performance - calendars should load significantly faster than before as we’ve introduced caching to calendars
  • Calendar Previous Day Filter - the calendars will now filter out the previous days events meaning you don’t have to scroll down to see what’s on the calendar today.
  • Calendar Recurring Event Fixes - some calendar events were previously showing more often than they should have