Pass variables to rule Engine?

I don’t think it’s supported but, I thought I would ask…

Is it possible to pass a variable to the rule engine from the Android app via tasker?

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Not at the moment.

We’ve had some internal discussions about two ideas that could make this possible though.

  1. HTTP / Webhook Triggers for rules
    The ability to execute a rule using a special URL.

  2. Context Variables
    A special type of variable based on the context of a rule execution. For example, you might retrieve the event that triggered the rule - for example, the device name or device value.

@josh the HTTP / Webhook work. Sounds kind of like how Join is able to pass variables.

Plus then any other service could use it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I just created a Feature Request for HTTP / Webhook triggers for rules. Please add your vote to that request if it’s something you’re interested in:

:link: Rule Engine: HTTP / Webhook Trigger

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