Rule Engine: HTTP / Webhook Trigger

Add the ability to execute a SharpTools rule via an HTTP / Webhook request. Basically, provide a special URL that could be used to run a rule.

Use Cases
This would open up the ability to run SharpTools rules from a wide variety of external systems:

  • Tasker on Android
  • Shortcuts on iOS (‘Get Contents of URL’)
  • Event Ghost on PC
  • IFTTT and other cloud automation platforms

What it Solves
Today, rules have to be triggered by Smart Home events (virtual switches, location modes, etc) which limits integrations to platforms that are smart home aware.

Adding a HTTP / webhook endpoint for running rules would open up the ability to execute rules to a much wider set of platforms as noted in the use-cases above.

For example, you could setup an automation in Shortcuts in iOS and have that trigger your SharpTools rule.

See also the discussion about the potential future addition of ‘context’ variables in which you might be able to post data to the Rule Webhook endpoint and then use within a rule.

Note that since this has dependencies on another feature, it may be out of scope for an initial HTTP / Webhook implementation.

This requested Rule HTTP Trigger feature is released to today. See the release post for more details and examples. :tada: