Overlay/modal tekst size and fit camera view in screen?

Edit: Found solution for the tekst size :slight_smile:
Cant seem to find how to change sizes etc of the overlay/modal function.
My camera snap is way to big to fit in modal screen… And I no way of scaling this from the camera side

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Just want to make sure I properly understand what the problem is.

Sure… :slight_smile:

Forgot ot mention that I am using a hyperlink tile with my camera ip/snap.jpeg

Have you tried using a smaller overlay width?

Alternatively, if you use the media item directly in the main dashboard, it has its own popup/overlay feature which scales to the same crop ratio as your primary media tile.

Not an option with modal when using hyperlink tile

I cant get this option working with my camera, http://ipadress/snap.jpeg
I have enable unsecure content…
It works only in modal while using a hyperlink tile…
Probably me doing something wrong :smiley:

You could use the nip.io format mentioned here:

It’s likely the mixed content issue introduced in Chromium 111, so there’s a few options in that linked thread.


Well look at that. It worked!
Thanks :smiley: