New Android System Webview Update Breaks Media Tiles?

Hi All,

I have 2 android tablets running Fully Kiosk Browser both opening the same dashboard. On my dashboard, I have 3 video tiles. 2 for 2 non-ssl Reolink cameras and 1 for a TinyCam Pro web server integration.

Everything has been running fine for over a year now, but 2 days ago one of the tablets refused to display content for any of these tiles. I assumed it was an issue with the devices, tablet, or network and was planning to do some deep digging this weekend. However, I noticed today the second tablet started having the same problem.

I checked the Play store and saw that Android System Webview was just updated. For fun, I uninstalled the updates for Android System Webview on the first broken tablet and it fixed the issue. I have not done on the second tablet yet, but I suspect it will fix the issue there too and something with this update is causing this problem for me.

I think this is a temp fix unless I disable Android System Webview, so I wanted to check if anyone else has seen this and has a better solution?

Or if this is a new issue because the update just rolled out 2 days ago, I wanted to bring awareness of a possible workaround.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to fix this.

A couple of other things that may or may not matter:

  • I do have Mixed Content Turned on in Fully
  • When I uninstalled Android System Webview updates, Sharptools could no longer use my google login so I linked and used my phone. It mentioned Webview is required


Thanks for sharing! Yes, it seems to be an issue with Chrome / Chromium 111 (which I believe is Android WebView 1111 on most devices).

As you noted, others have mentioned that uninstalling the latest update and either rolling back to the default installed version or manually installing a version prior to 111 resolves the issue. The issue also impacts Chrome on PCs and some people have temporarily switched to Opera which runs a slightly older version of Chromium (though it will likely experience the issue if Opera updates, so hopefully the Chromium project gets updated to fix this properly).

Thanks for the reply. I rolled back on the second tablet and it is now fixed too.

Hopefully they will have a fix soon.

Regarding the issue on the bug introduced in Chromium 111 that breaks IP Camera images over HTTP, make sure to follow the Mixed Content thread as updates are being posted there:

:link: Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing - #9 by josh