Netatmo Thermostat


I have a Netatmo thermostat. When I add it as a thing, it shows the temperature that the thermostat is detecting but not the controls to adjust it, or the temperature the thermostat is set to.

Weirdly, I also have the Netatmo weather station. It allows me to add that as a thermostat with the controls to change the temperature, etc.

I’m not sure where to look with it?

Is the Netatmo Thermostat using a built-in SmartThings device handler or a community device handler? If it’s a community device handler, can you share a link to the device handler code?

SharpTools dashboards use device ‘capabilities’ to determine what type of tile to display. For the thermostat tile, we are looking for the ‘Thermostat’ capability to trigger showing the thermostat layout.

You can see what capabilities a device is reporting by:

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to your desired location
  3. Tap the device you are interested in looking at
  4. Review the list of capabilities under the Capabilities header

For example, my thermostat reports the following capabilites:

Ah, I think you just hit the nail on the head. It’s an ST device handler. When I first starting getting into this, I set up ActionTiles and had the same problem with that. It doesn’t have the Thermostat capability and I seem to remember that this is a bug(?) with Smartthings.


Very interesting. Can you send a screenshot of the capabilities the device implements?

Here you go!

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Thanks! I think I should be able to get it working. I’ve added it to the hit list and I’ll let you know what I find. :grinning:

Edit: Support for heating only or cooling only thermostats has been added in the following release! Rule Engine: Day of Week and 'State Stays', Thermostat Tile Enhancements, and Hero Attribute Colors