Netatmo Temperatures Not Updating Unless Page Refreshed

Hi Josh. I have the same problem with a supertile on my dashboard on tablet. It’s a supertile with netamo temperatures, need to refresh the dashboard to get new temperature.

When I open the dashboard on a computer, supertile updates on the computer and tablet and the correct values ​​are displayed

Hi @Torbjorn_Didriksen that sounds like a slightly different issue, so I’ve moved it into its own thread.

If I understand correctly, when you refreshed the page on your PC, you saw the values in the tile update on both the computer and the tablet.

In that case, it sounds like the realtime events may not be coming across for the device and when you refresh the page, the background healthcheck that’s running is likely performing a full device synchronization from your hub which is updating the value.

Are these impacted Netatmo temperature devices on your Homey or SmartThings location?


They are on my Homey and I saw that the values updated at tablet and PC at the same time, when I refreshed the page on the PC

Have you tried restarting the SharpTools ‘app’ on Homey?

If the realtime events aren’t coming across, sometimes just restarting the app on your Homey can resolve the issue.

Are you able to influence the temperature values that are reported for those devices so you can test that the event updates are working as expected? eg. Heating up a sensor with your breath or something similar so it will trigger the value to update so you can make sure the event is being sent across to SharpTools.

I see the same thing, all my Netatmo devices dont update. But if I logon on my phone or on web, the dashboards updates. They are all connected trough homey. I have also tried to exit full screen on the iPad, and then press refresh, this works sometimes.

Have you tried the approach suggested above of restarting the SharpTools ‘app’ on your Homey?

It seams to work actually, but only for a while. It looks like the problem is coming back after some days. For now I have created a flow that restart the app every night.

Thanks for the update!

If you are able to identify if there is some action, command, value, or something else that happens immediately before things stop working, I would be very interested.

If we’re able to identify what’s causing it to happen, it might be something I could tweak or workaround within the ‘app’ code.