Supertile not updating data

i have made a supertile - but it does not uppdate the data on it, need to refrech the dashbard to get new data on it. Is it the tile or is it the web interface ?

Hi Kjetil-
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like you have some attribute(s) displayed in a Super Tile and when you have the dashboard which includes that Super Tile displayed, you are not seeing the values update in real-time, but if you refresh the page you are seeing the values update as expected. Is that right?

If so, it sounds like the platform is receiving the values, but your browser isn’t getting the realtime updates. Are you experiencing issues with any other values not updating as expected within that browser?

Can you try a different device - ideally on a different network? For example, if you are testing on a PC / Tablet on your home network, can you try testing things from your Mobile Phone while disconnected from Wifi (eg. only on the mobile carrier’s network).

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