Netatmo CO2 Tile Notification (Other color)

Hi all

I have several netatmo stations with CO2 sensors. And on my google nest hub, I can see all the netatmo stations on a separate tile.

It would be great, if when CO2 goes over 1000, the tile has another color or the writing.

So I can see at a glance, where I have to open the window :-).

Do you have an idea, how does it work?


You can use a Hero Attribute Tile layout or Super Tile.

With either of those tile types, you can edit the tile settings on your dashboard and customize the styles based on numeric values.

Hi Josh

Thanks for your answer. I changed now the style of my tile and set the operator if >= than 1.000 set another writing color. Is it possible, that only the CO2 has another color, not everything?

Screenshot 2024-03-08 081911

Screenshot 2024-03-08 081933


The tile style applies to the whole tile.

There’s a feature request open to be able to style individual parts of a Super Tile which you can cast a vote on here if you are interested.

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