Multiple Dashboard Pins

I have a unique use for sharptools. I actually have an android phone mounted outside of my business running fully kiosk and its locked to a sharptools dashboard with a pin protected page with a lock button. My clients enter the pin to unlock the page aka actually temporarily disabling power to a mag lock and allowing access to my rental spaces and it auto locks after a minute. The issue is I need to change the code weekly but I also need a permanent “owner or admin” code for my employees to always have the same code.I also need at least 3 other codes so I can have unique door codes for each renter to access their suite by using the same code once inside ( so they can’t access other suites with the identical codes) I know RBoy has something like this but I need to use the phone so its always powered, an iris keypad doesn’t have the battery life I need. Thanks

There’s a feature request for multiple PINs -> Feature Request: Supporting multiple PIN codes per dashboard

The PIN protected tiles will always take the same action, so I’m not sure how it would work for your unique PIN per suite idea. If you PIN protect a Lock Tile, it will always be the same Lock device even if a different PIN is used. Sounds like you want something where you could enter a PIN code and a different action is taken for each PIN.